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Embedded - Combat Journalism


This is an amazing first-hand chronicle of what's going on over in Iraq from a soldier's eye view. I think it definitely helps to have info like this to balance against all the statistics that people bandy about concerning Iraq and what's going on over there.



The use of the word insurgent = 0; the use of the word terrorist = 28

Funny how the administration twists these words to spin the Iraq debacle their way. Here we have a BS embedded journalist calling it terrorism. Did we create more terrorism by going into Iraq or insurgency?

BTW embedded journalism is the death of news as we know it in this country. Anytime a journalist becomes part of a group he or she should be documenting it creates bias. Score one for DoD.


Lift doesn't like it because it is the truth and it doesn't fit with his perception of reality.

I have been reading this guy for some time and have been meaning to share it with T-Nation. Thanks for beating me to the punch.


Insurgents of iranian and syrian descent are nothing more than terrorists.


Some of us think the idea that journalism in this country lacks bias was never correct -- though I do appreciate it when they at least try...

Anyway, with some things you don't care about bias -- in this case, the idea is to get the soldiers' perspective on things, which is inherently biased in its essence. It's a valuable type of information, and should be used in conjunction with overview stuff for a complete picture of what's happening.