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Embattled Obama Calls in Clinton



  1. I think this tax rate extension (It's not a tax cut) play by Obama has been the most Presidential move he has made yet. He has had me thinking that yes he will move to the center a bit.

  2. But then he pulls this completely Weeine move!!

Damn dude, just when your biggest critic wants to think you are doing something right, you go and do this! Either Michelle owns his manhood..... or he simply could not care any less about the taxpayers.

Additionally, you don't bail on the X President who you hire to sell your own pitch, during the pitch!


Whats stranger to me is why the secretary of state's wife is playing such a huge role in the White House. I understand that he's a former President and all but seriously, shouldn't he be playing golf with Bush Sr somewhere.


Obama needed the latest Dem Hero to sell this to the socialists who want to increase taxes on the people who create jobs...our bosses.

Not only did he seem like a boy calling in Daddy, but he also left to hit the party before the adult discussion was over.

This was so bad for his character. It's like he just really gave up and said "Fuck it".


I see what you did there! Nice.


Judging by his demeanor and body language before and right up to the time he left, I think he was ticked off that Clinton would not relinquish the podium. When he began to take questions that really disturbed Obama in a huge way, so he left.

It was a low grade move and nothing you would see from anyone with actual class. I would trade this little boy for Bill Clinton any day of the week.


It's amateur hour at the White House. Bubba had to step in and take the helm for the "big boy business" while Obama tucks his tail and runs.

Christ, I swear. Obama hasn't a clue how to manage, lead, or be effective in the slightest. All he can do is whine, point fingers, and throw his hands up and run. Coward. "Whaaaaaaa! Being the president is hard! Whaaaaaaa!" It's clear that he thinks "the people be damned". Millions are suffering because of his incompetence and he thinks it's funny. What an asshole.

Anyone notice how excited Ol' Bubba was to be behind the podium acting as surrogate President? You could tell how badly he wishes he was still in office. Obama needs him right now more than ever, I expect we'll be seeing a lot more of Clinton in the coming months.




I bet you don't. The Obama ego is bigger than all outdoors, and he didn't like the grandstanding that Uncle Bill did.


That shit looked bad no matter what side of the aisle you're on. Damn. I mean........ damn.


Maybe he had to take a huge dump?


At least someone got it. but in all seriousness i kinda like the big O for the most part but having Will fight your battles is some real pussy shit. he is still an ex pres. I didnt see Junior calling popey(is that how you spell it?) down for every big decision. Homie ran his own presidency for the most part.


I really hope this is right for the sake of the executive because its embarrassing for my country. Obama needs to grow some hair on his nuts.


Some people can communicate to a given audience better than others. For example, I don't speak good ole' boy. Take me into a sportsmans club or any other good ole' boy hang out and there will be a fight within 5 minutes.

So he brought in a guy who can speak left wing lunatic fluently. I say good on him for using the best tool for the job, especially if it can keep some twat like Pelosi from further grave robbing estates that have been built and taxed over a lifetime.


For all of my prognostications of peril during the 08 campaign not even I in all the scorn I heaped on this man could have foreseen just how disastrous an Obama administration would be. He has majestically exceeded my every ultra left wing, God hating, America hating, prediction of breathtaking college boy ineptitude.

Preserving the Bush Tax cuts, which is the first sane thing he's done, is the political equivalent of having your stomach pumped to expunge a recently ingested deadly poison. No fun, but if ya wanna live....


Obama calls in Clinton?
Stale meets Fail??


His demeanor suggests to me that Obama is done. It had an almost "hey Bill, you deal with this shit" kind of attitude to it.

I agree that Obama is thinking of his reelection and pulled a Clinton by moving towards the center.


He is a huge dump.


He really is in over his head.


I was calling attention to his inexperience a few years back.

You have a guy who has never been in the private sector. On top of that he was in the University system as a professor. And then only a senator for two years before he started running for President. Easily the most unqualified person to ever hold the office. And the American people would have known all this, along with the fact that he's the most liberal man who has ever occupied the oval office, had the main stream liberal media done their job. But they were so enthralled with him the truth never came out.


I can't believe this. The first time I heard this I literally thought it was a joke. As someone said, doesn't matter what political views you hold, it looks bad.