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Embarrassing Question


Hi everyone, I have an embarrassing question for you all.

My question is how to deal with a sweaty bum crack? I noticed the last few deadlift workouts that my underwear and shorts have a pretty noticeable damp stain down the middle. I'm not sure if I should just wear an additional pair of underwear, ignore it and keep working out or something else.

Maybe someone else has gone through this and can suggest something to help.



Why is it an issue?

Wear dark pants?


wear it with pride man


non-issue, however, lift naked if it's a problem.


are u selling said underwear

if so how much pls



Nike Dri-Fit.

I couldn't imagine lifting in.. cotton.
It's 2013 man! The future is here!


You should apply anti-perspirant there.


x2 on this. I always lift in compression shorts underneath my gym shorts. Allows the area to breathe.


Maxi pads?