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Embarrassing Moments In Lifting

Stuck in Weight Belt

Today I used my Inzer Lever belt. I hadn’t been using it much. I bulked up over the Winter and hadn’t adjusted it to my size. It was tight-too tight- but I did not want to take the time to adjust it mid-workout. In between sets, I would flip the lever, but other than that, kept it on the whole workout. At the end of my workout, big surprise…I couldn’t pry the prongs out of the holes. I used a screw driver, wiggled like a little bitch. This went on for 30 minutes. Finally I got out of it.

So, I felt like an idiot and probably am one.

Anything similar ever happen to you?

FaRTED mid max effort DL

When I first started actually squatting I set the catches waaaay too low and got stapled by the weight. I essentially crawled backward on my face to get out from under the bar. :smiley:

^^ OHH YA!! I got trapped under a floor press for a while…uhg. I rolled the bar down and got it squshing my leg for a while. Eventually I was able to wiggle myself outta there.

The farting thing was way worse.

[quote]Spock81 wrote:
FaRTED mid max effort DL[/quote]

That is not embarassing at all, it is a badge of honor and should be encouraged. If you manage to rip your shorts at the same time, that is the highest honor and I salute you, soldier

I had done some heavy deadlifts for high reps, and I used straps so I didn’t lose my grip. Next day at work, the lady in the office next to mine said “What are those red marks on your wrists? I’ve seen you with those a few times before.”. So I explained that they were from deadlifts with wrist straps etc. Then she says, “Oh I always thought you were into bondage or something.”

I have chipped my two front teeth twice…

First time was when I was 17 and oh so cool in the gym. I decided to try preacher curls and I first just used an empty EZ-curl bar. I wasn’t ready for the bar to speed up once I got past the midway point and I just smashed myself in the face.

Second time was when I was 24. I had put my log next to a squat rack and went to go and reach for it (bending down at the waist). I somehow missed the fact that there was a bar on the pins in the squat rack and I basically face butted it with my two front teeth breaking them again.

knee buckled…bent a brand new bar, and the catch on the power rack.

Dumbbell Bench Pressing many years ago with 120’s. Dropped them after the set and one bounced forward and broke the mirror in the commercial gym.

Three years ago I didn’t sit the bar all the way on the hooks and when I pulled the bar down to set up again the whole thing came down. It was at home and I was alone but I bent the pin and it’s still tough to move it.

I happened to be taping for depth and form and got the whole stupidity on video.

This isn’t training but was a big fail at World’s last year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOvbeShIY7s

I have tons of them… In my avatar I’m competing at Provincial’s and on my second squat, my hips shifted forward and I went down on my face and the bar hit the floor behind me. Happily, I got my best total ever at that meet.

Most of my embarrassing moments are in front of everyone, on a platform.

[quote]Spock81 wrote:
FaRTED mid max effort DL[/quote]
hahaha this happens just about every time im lifting but usually its quiet so no one knows its me lol.

Hmmmm… Once I was benching in a shirt in a commercial gym. Loose’ish shirt, but I lost it backwards over my face. Now, forgetting I was in a power rack as it came down I SHRIEKED like a little girl as it stopped like 3mm over my eyes.

When I was playing high school football, the coach always took the first 3-4 weeks of the offseason really light, and we focused on form. So one day we were doing power cleans with really light weight, and the coaches were recording them to go over our form later. The weight was about half of my max. He tells me when its my turn to go that I need to complete the lift as fast as possible. I uppercutted the shit out of myself, and it was all on video.

Not using zip ties on a 585lb work set few weeks ago. First rep was fine, second rep led to a total of 12 45s slamming in each direction, bar see-sawing n so on. -_-

Im pretty sure all of us have fart times. Happens to me on a regular basis during squats.

I have a creature that dwells inside me. It grows stronger on protein. I try to keep it contained, because when it gets out, people are hurt. I’m convinced it’s a superpower, but I can’t control it. I do use it sometimes to clear boys out, doing curls in the squat rack.

The one exercise where the creature is sure to escape is the leg press. Well he got out one day, and this day he was very powerful. I looked around throu my watering eyes and noticed the lady in the machine next to me was gagging, and trying not to throw up in her hand. I felt really bad as she ran toward the girls locker room.

I imagine her as fat and out of shape. Fearing anything to do with exercise. She probably breaks out into a sweat just driving by a gym. I am sorry.

I was warming up with power snatches with just the bar and pulled it straight into my nose. First time I experienced blood, sweat, and tears in one workout!

I have a really strange setup on my bench because I’m very flexible… as I pull under the bar i pretty much lift my whole body and pull forward towards the end of the bench as hard as I can before driving my traps back into the bench. And every so often, when I’m warmig up with just the bar and no weight to hold it in the rack, The bar will slip out of the hooks and I will rocket knees and face-first out of the rack. It looks completely ridiculous.

My first semester of lifting weights way, way back in high school. Our coach had newbies mx out on leg press rather than squat. I sharted during the max out test–loud, wet and ripe. Had to call my folks to bring me new underwear.

Haha this thread is great. I fart almost every squat session. Shit happens (sometimes quite literally, but that’s a story for another time). I’ve made some embarrassing noises/grunts while grinding out a couple of heavy benches.

I remember one time it was a squat and deadlift day. I had a really shitty day and my deadlifts didn’t even break the floor; it was like they were glued. So I’m walking around the power rack to put a couple of plates away and I knock the barbell out of the j-cups on the rack and it comes down and makes a huge crashing noise and everybody looks at me.

And at the weight room at my school, whenever somebody drops something, we always clap and give a standing ovation. Kind of just a ritual that we do to fuck with people. It’s actually quite entertaining when a stupid freshman doesn’t use clips when he’s squatting and dumps the bar.


Back when I was 16 and oh-so-strong, I loaded the smith machine up with 225 pounds for a max effort bench press. Now, let it be known that I had only ever benched 135 for a couple of reps, but I figured I was tough shit so it wouldn’t be too hard.

I took to weight off the pegs, held it, and brought down the weight. AND THEN.


The weight slammed to my chest, and I start looking around for someone to help me. I asked this little old lady to help me get the weight off my chest, and she was like, “Uh… sorry kid.”

10 minutes later, one of the personal trainers helped me unrack the weight.