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Embarrassed Guy Log


I've been inspired by everyone here for the past year and a half, but too embarrassed to post my own workouts. Time to change at least that.

I normally follow an upper/lower split and workout at least 4 times a week, 5-6 if possible. Usually looks something like this:

M: ME Lower
T: ME Upper
W: assistive fun stuff I don't have time for on other days.
Th: DE Lower
F: DE Upper
S: same as Wednesday
Su: Off

Stats are in my profile.

Input welcome!


OK, today's action:

Back squats:
135X8 (warmup)
225X5 (warmup)

Supersets of front squats and GMs
FS 135X8, 185X5, 205X2
GM 135X8, 185X5, 205X5

Supersets of calf raises on the leg press, snatch-grip DL from deficit, and glute ham raises
CR: 360X15, 450X15X2
SGDLFD: 135X8, 185X5, 205X5
GHR: 10,10,12

Embarrasingly (a common thread in this thread), I've only recently been able to break 300 on the back squat, after really doing a number on the back in late December. I hit 315 last week, though, and things felt really good today. I think the sprints are helping.


I don't see much to be embarrassed about...

Hell - I can't even do ONE GHR, never mind 10


Ha ha. Nice try Skid.

You're actually my hero, because we match up pretty well in size and weight and...well, that's it. I think I've got you by a few pounds now (right around 197-198, though up from about 165 a couple years ago), though you've got me beat in the BF area (I'm sure you're a few % lower) and all the stats that really matter.


Hey, nice...a double post. Newb.

Even more to be embarrassed about...

Well, I've got to go eat lunch.


You're to hard on yourself. Workouts look solid. And you're squating more then 1.5 times your body weight. Whats there to be embarrassed about? Everyone here double posts once in awhile.


....now where did I put that cape? I have only a cape because my head is too small for the industry-standard cowl/mask combo.

Cut rate hero. :slightly_smiling:


Welcome sfb. It would be nice to follow your journey.

I must say you left me feeling I haven't been too hard on myself afterall. My Squat was 265 when I started logging here last December and it was 295 a month ago. While I knew some of the ladies at PW use that to warm up, I wasn't embarrased by it. I just knew I had to work at it.

Now if you are still embarrased and only the idea of 4 plates per side would make you feel better, please accept my (un)friendly little challenge and race me to 405.

I must warn you though, squatting is all I seem to do these days.


Its no joke about feeling out classed by most of the guys here. I have to work my self up sometimes for an hour or so to post here. Having said that, looks to me like you got nothing be be bashful about. You certainly are moving some good weight for a 198. Dont know what some of your other #s are but if they look anything like these, you are stout.


To paraphrase a wiser and much stronger man than I'll ever be, hel320.... We have has
been's. neverbeen's, couldabeen's, shouldabeen's, ustabe's, wannabes and the ones that downright are here. We all have the same goal in mind. You are strong and here, welcome!


Change the name of your thread. Ain't nothing here to be embarassed about (ceppin Skid bein your hero). Seriously though, those are respectable numbers and so what if they weren't. What are repectable stats? My front squat total is about nil and the last time I tried a GHR (on the recommendation of someone else from Utah, MJ) I caught a cramp. None of us are making a living at this.

You're doing something besides channel surfing and that's what counts. You say you've been reading this section for at least a year and a half. Then you know we don't judge on how much you lift. You benchin the bar and go up to a new pr of 55 we'll be as happy for you as the guy does a 500 bench. Cause we know what it takes to hold a job, juggle your life, and still fit liftin in. Don't mean this to sound harsh. Glad you decided to jump in. Looking forward to following your progress.
PS, we do need to talk about the hero thing. The man's pole dancin for money.


Now you're committed, in more ways than one. Good numbers on the squats and if you're embarrassed keep doing something about it. Soon you'll be everything you want to be!


No one caught the
snatch grip Dl superset..
that is awesome.
or good mornings and front squats..

good shit man.



Good shit indeed! and certainly nothing to be embarassed about.

Welcome to the group!

and I agree with Hel - change the name of the log.


Well, truth be told, I'm not embarrassed enough by my numbers to not post here, but I do feel like not only reading everyone else's logs and posts, but putting up my own log is my kick in the hindquarters. A virtual Westside partner shouting in my ear, if you will. That said, the log name stays.

formfunction, you're on for the 405 squat challenge. Actually, my goals for now are 300-400-500 on bench, squat, and DL. Currently right around 240, 315, and 385. Long ways to go, but I'll beat you to the squat goal.

Already talking trash...


...and a bit more background. I mentioned a back injury in December. I was getting the house packed up for a move from Japan back to the US after getting laid off (anyone need a Japan/Asia sales guy?), and really messed up my back squatting about a week before the move. The weight was only about 250, but going down I could feel something slip (I was probably sloppy on my form), and I knew something was wrong.

I cut the workout short right there, and spent the next couple days in complete agony. It gradually got better over the next few weeks, and I'm still unsure what I did. No swelling or bruising, and after day three it only hurt with certain movements that used the obliques, which seem to be most movements. Turning over in bed, getting out of bed, getting into the car, bending over, just...ow. Rows, squats, snatches were all out of the question. Wife was not happy, what with the move and hauling luggage to the airport and all.

That said, while my workouts really stunk for three or four weeks, I definitely came back stronger. I probably should have been doing more prehab all along. Lesson learned, at least until the next time. I'd be curious to know if anyone has experienced something similar as far as back injuries.


Total l5/s1 disk herniation with the disk innards out in the nerve channel. Sciatica, front hip pain and oblique pain, couldn't use the right glute at all. Flat on my back for 2 weeks. no lifting for 3-4weeks. December 2007. Still have a dropped foot, though it's getting better.

Needed help to get out of bed so I could slowly make my way to the bathroom. Was master of the house for a while, though.

"Wench! fetch my my TV control. Wench! Adjust my pillows. Wench! get the child away from me, I am watching the game."

Ah, the good old days...

I started doing upper body stuff,seated as soon as I could. I benched with no arch, did chest supported rows, seated curls. As soon as I could do it without pain I started doing hip belt squats and single leg, low back load stuff.

I think within 6 months I was back at the same level as before I got injured, albeit I now have weak spots that I probably can't fix - but I also now have an early warning system for over-reaching. It hurts when I go too hard for too long.


I wondered about a herniated disk, but I didn't feel like I had any sciatic pain. I probably could have done hip belt squats. I couldn't bend over without pain, but bending my knees to pick something up off the floor was fine. I remember trying to do pistol squats though, and I just couldn't do them on the one side.

I tried that "Wench!" routine once too.



Okay - I lied. I only did it once too.

The bruises took a while to fade. Hard to dodge when you're pinned to the bed...


300-400-500 is a respectable level for most and I am sure you'll hit them, BUT NOT BEFORE I DO(I can trash talk too!)

On the 405 Squat, as a little incentive, I'll call you "The Godfather" if you win. And that is going to take a lot from me.

If I win, you'll have to change the log name and take away "Embarrassed" or anything synonymous with it.

Now Hel(and others) may not admit it, but I am sure their money is on me.