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Emasculating Commercials


Okay, it's almost to the point that we've had enough commercials that set men up to be silly and stupid wimps.

The one that is pushing me over the edge has this guy screaming like a girl, and the staff all come running. A lady is asked if she is okay, but the guy says it was him, as he'd been looking all over town for the movie he just found...


I want to see some commercials where a manly guy stomps the hell out of something and proceeds to tell everyone else to shut up and fuck off while he has a steak and a beer before he wipes the blood off his fists so he doesn't ruin the textbook he's perusing on quantum physics.

Any advertising executives out there listening can suck my balls. I'm boycotting your pussified products and stores!


Terry Tate: Office Linebacker.


"Mum, I said, 'not good! Not good! Back to the drawing board!"


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Great post by the way



Most ads are aimed at women, since they generally do a lot more buying than men. They also generally watch more TV, especially in the morning and daytime.

Sit coms attract the largest audience during prime time and women 18-34 account for the greatest segment. Then feature films. Then dramas. Again, women (55+) are the largest segment for the latter.

When you see the husband on a sitcom being portrayed as the dumbass (which is often the case), it's probably because women find this funny. They relate to it in some way and probably it makes them feel better about themselves (though this is just an assumption).

Having rambled on, I don't like guys being portrayed as the dumbass all the time either. I have a sense of humor, but it gets old. But for some reason seeing the wife being portrayed as the ditz just isn't funny.

Anyway, it seems to me that most guys have a better sense of humor about making fun of themselves than most women.


This has also been a huge pet peeve of mine. Look at a lot of the sitcoms and shows that are out there, they portray the men as usually some doofy, dumb, slob who only manages to stay alive because his beautiful, genius, perfectly superior wife intervenes.

I actually remember I had a discussion about this with my mom when I was 16 or 17 about how our society has gone so far out of its way to provide positive female role models (which is obviously a great thing) but has totally neglected providing positive male role models.


vroom sounds like you want to see more Aussie ads. They tend to be the opposite of what you are getting over there. I don't think the ad you described would go down well here, not with women either.

I wonder how much culture shapes ads, and how much ads shape culture.

Those ads of the 50's with the good housewives and family stereotypes did a lot to shape people's behaviour, I think.


I dunno, I miss the old avatar "The Thinker."

And I agree about the commercials.


I haven't seen any american commercials in over 4 years, since I spent a lot of time stationed overseas and haven't gotten cable TV since I've been back. I take it commercials went downhill and I haven't missed much on TV. I feel better now about the TV situation. (As if I give a shit about TV)


I can't stand "something about Raymod" for exactly this reason. My ex-girlfriend used to watch that show and it would send me into fits of rage when he would have to apologize for something that was clearly her fault...as soon as I broke up with her[the ex] that show was out of my life for good.


These are pretty good.

"Men should act like men"



Sweet Kung-Fu Jesus but that show sends me into paroxysms of rage! Bad enough that he's such a miserable, whining, incompetent loser, but on top of having him apologize for things that are her freakin' fault, they then compound it by having him be such an overblown failure (how does someone that spineless manage to write an opinion column?!?) that she can't help but look good in comparison.

They wonder why women of that age range are the chief viewers of these shows? Because the male figures on these shows are goddamned worthless! Miserable, craven, whining, whipping boys. The closest thing to a "man" on a sitcom was Joey... and he had the IQ of wood shavings.

No wonder why shows like CSI draw in more men -- the men on the show are actual characters, not idiotic stereotypes.

Our culture has somehow managed to go from one idiotic, self-defeating, blindly sexist paradigm to another. This, ladies and gentlemen, is just one more reason why we shouldn't give a damn when we're told that our lifestyle choice doesn't fit the ideal of the "average" person.


Charlie Sheen on "Two and a Half Men" acts like a man should.

Barney (NPH, yes, doogie fucking houser) on "How I met your Mother" acts like a man. SUIT UP!

oh, and VIC FUCKING MACKIE that's a man (the shield).

that's about all the TV I watch, that and sports, that's what a man would do.


I can only hope you're joking, man.


Likewise. I tried to watch Ray and Seinfeld a couple of times, but all I could think during the whole episode was "Why won't you just die?".

Most ads are aimed at women for the simple reason that women watch more tv and buy more shit.

Vroom - I also refuse to buy products that are marketed by weenies and girlie men. I am sure that the mega-corporations miss the $5.86 a week spending money that I have.


Vic's not a man. He's THE man.

Side Note - How bad do you have to be to actually get bestowed on you the middle name of "fucking". We have Dave Fucking Tate and Vic Fucking Mackie, but who else is bad enough?

No. There is no Bruce Fucking Lee.

End Hijack.


Unless Hockey is on, TV is just so much crap.....


And Dr. Christian Troy.

Basically the only TV worth watching is FX.

And some FOX.


Bruce Fucking Lee, because without him, there would be no Randy Fucking Couture.


Have you seen the new Coke Vault commercials? They are a refreshing appeal to masculinity. Some guy decides to build a better scarecrow and ends up creating a laser beam wielding robot that chops a fox in half with a scythe and then he unleashes it upon a hippie picnic. It's easily the best commercial out there right now.