Emails from Crazy People

There was a post a few weeks back of a similar site…but this one is 10x better.


Hahhahaha! “…you have a huge piece of shit rusty swing set that looks like it came from a condemned Soviet school yard.”


Pure awesomeness!

The navigation on this site is shit, so here is another good one:

Damn Dams

Site isn’t working?

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Site isn’t working?[/quote]

Yeah, I can’t view it either. I don’t know about anyone else.

I met this mormon kid on vacation about 3 summers ago. For the past few months, I’ve been getting e-mails from his mom subject title “letter from Andy - XX/2009.” Apparently he went on some mission, and his mom is regularly forwarding all of his e-mails to his mom… to a large list of people. Somehow I made it onto that list.

I’ve been thinking of e-mailing her back subject titled “Letter from Ryan. XX/2009” with letters about how my day went. is good too

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Pure awesomeness![/quote]

Haha, That had me in tears…