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Elusive Quest for a Six Pack


As my username states, I have never had a six pack. I've followed the site for some time now and I am jumping in cold turkey on my quest to get the ever elusive six pack. This will be a new thing for me because I face two challenges
1. I don't like working out that much
2. I love to eat.

Like some others I will be posting daily and weekly progress reports

I welcome all opinions.


Trust me once you get in the habit of going to the gym you'll want to go :slight_smile: Good luck!

By the way getting a six pack is done with cardio and dieting. Core work only really help to develop those muscles further than say what you have now. I see people in the gym doing countless sit-ups not knowing why they don't have a six pack...just my opinion :slight_smile:


Good luck, and remember, six packs are made in the kitchen.


I'm sure you can find more then enough good diet tips and recipes on here, but here is the best 15 minute ab workout around:

Like the posters above me said, make sure you do cardio, eat well and do that ab workout 2-4x a week, I honestly don't see why you can't have killer abs in a month and a bit. Good luck with your workout bro!


if you dont like working out that much, i have no idea why you are on this site in the first place...
neways u deff need to cut back your eating and do lots of core work. only problem is that by cutting down your intake, you will prolly lose size on the rest of your body.
For me thats something i cant live with


first of all to get a 6 pack you dont have to stop eating just dont eat crap.

also to get a 6 pack you need to gain some muscle first and then lose the fat that might be covering it up.

if you dont like training then that elusive 6 pack will stay elusive.


Well, after all you do look like someone who's been training for a while. Just hit the gym 3-4 times a week, get rid of junk food, reduce carbs and increase proteins and you should see some improvements. Take a firm decision, and be consistent.


Stick with the roll of thumb, eat every three hours with good proteins while getting your carbs early in the day and eat six healthy solid meals. Workout 4 days a week, with both weight training and cardio youll see results. Good luck I know mine took a little while too get so dont give up.


Thats perfect, you don't have to change a thing. It's all about your diet. So keep eating as much as you want but just eat the right foods. Secondly, you don't have to work out that much to get a six pack once your diet is solid. I NEVER do any direct ab work, but then again I ran track so i've always stayed lean.


The jump rope works wonders. I have a 30 minute routine where I do 100 double unders every five minutes while doing regular jumping in between.