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Elusive, How Do You Train?


I know this should be over in the bodybuilding section, but I always see you over here in nutrition. What's your training routine like? Just wondering....




FFS this is homo stop it Mods stop allowing these fucken threads


Hardly a fail, anonym.

elusive knows more about bodybuilding than most people here, has achieved quite a bit, and is extremely open to sharing.

Keep an open mind, you might learn something.


elusive does have an impressive physique, but I do agree with optheta. All these worship threads came out of nowhere.


Try reading through the carb cycling thread...he tells all there. You da man E.


That's one of my favorite threads, along with Things I Can't Prove, But Believe from the T-Cell Alpha and PMPM's Boobs... from... guess?



I don't think I'm at the level yet where I get my own spotlight. I've got at least a few more years to get to my "short term" goals. Who knows what my new goals will be by the time I get there.

If theres still an interest, I don't mind talking about what I've done training and nutrition wise.


I like these threads these a well developed lifters with real lives keep them coming



why the fuck are people bitching about new and informative threads being made about established guys? its a fucking discussion forum, we are all here to learn as well as shoot the shit. if they dont wanna answer then they dont have to.

is it better that all the threads are on 11 inch arms or the millionth thread about the smith being good/bad?


No, no... fail that the OP said, "I know this should be over in the bodybuilding section."


I'm seeing a shit ton of Charles Minor these days.


My mistake buddy.

So elusive, you've been on a cut for awhile now. Where are you at progress-wise? Are you just about finished?


I heard he refeeds 2-3 times a week with 10,000 plus cals at a time. With all that eating I don't know how he even has time to train. I know if I ate as much fat free ice cream as him I'd spend all my free time shitting and have no time to train.