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Elton & Harley 100th

What the hell were they thinkin?

I don’t know, you tell us, because, we obviously can’t see anything.

Damn babyboomers screwing up the purebreds-and-hardcore niches! AGAIN!

There`s simply too much of them. They take up too much place. And money.

And they`re going to fill out hospitals and healthcare systems soon…nevermind that all generations after them are fewer in number by a couple of leagues…

Maybe I should have not read so much about demographics ;0)

End rant.

i thought it was a good mix of music.

though a zepplin reunion or maybe ac/dc would have been cool.

cant please everyone.


Elton John sang at the Harley 100th birthday celebration. He was booed roundly as was appropriate.

vedder, he played Rocket Man after saying something to effect of " I don’t have a song about Harleys but this is close enough". I think Skynard would have been best. Freebird and Simple man are true Harley songs.

I’m not sure what else he played, but I’m pretty sure he played "Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me ( or whatever it is).

it seems that they(media) are really trying to push the gay thing wayyyy too much with the boy meets boy,queer eye shows and all other things related…now they are trying to push it down the Harley crowds throats as well?

I apologize. I thought it was supposed to be a picture, and not just inference.

Now that I get it…Elton John? A gay guy singing for a badass motorcycle? WTF?

May sound dumb but a good song to drive fast to Radar Love by Golden Earing. Man have another song in my head but theese voices won’t let me conc.

I dunno, I think EJ is a good representative for the majority of harley owners. I love harley’s but the majority of riders are middle aged dudes with a little affluence. I would have thought EJ would have been right up their alley. And as MsVedder stated, in his early days EJ could rock like few others.

Elton John is about as American as Harley’s new bikes.