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Eltie FTS BCAA Roundtable



I am sure many of you have read this. I have experienced great results with BCAA's especially when cutting-but this has me kind of thinking that maybe I am pissing a lot of dinero away...

What do you guys think and how many BCAA's do you take regularly? (workout & other meals throughout the day)


Thank you for that Alpha! I'm currently considering rejigging my budget to be able to afford some BCAAs. As it stands, my "stack" consists solely of protein and creatine - that said, I'm still a bit unsure about what to do, even after reading the article. Money's tight so I'd also like to know what others' dosage, results and budgeting for their BCAAs is!


Interesting article, I've also always believed that BCAAs are better off saved for peri/post workout when in a caloric deficit.

I found this quote from J. Harris to be sorta funny. He took this as a time to plug his own product but still sounded sorta stupid by saying "BCAA and L-Leucine" when as we all know, Leucine IS! a BCAA.

Swing and a miss!


Some of those contributors are ridiculous. If you support their use they say you are a stupid athlete who only takes them because you believe in them. I'm sure that's why I don't get sore taking my BCAA's during and after training, but DO get sore when I don't!


To be fair we criticize NO users in a similar fashion and many of them remain committed to the idea that they feel remarkable differences in strength/recovery/etc. when taking said supplement.


I would tend to agree simply from my past results...

I take 1-2 Biotest BCAA's with every meal just like my fish oil-and then load up during my workouts...

Anyone else take them with their other daily meals?


The product is BCAAs with EXTRA L-Leucine, which is actually a pretty good idea.


I used to take BCAA's between my meals. Now I just take 'em around my workout and use L-Leucine with my meals.


Oh, I'm not saying it's a bad idea. I too have a Peri-Post WO shake with BCAA and I add 5g of Leu extra....but the wording made it sound as if he thought BCAA and Leu were different.