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Ok, I am wanting to get an eliptical to for home. Now, want quality yet I also have a budget and was hoping to find something decent for under $500. Basically this will be used since winter is coming and I won’t be able to walk outside as much. All suggestions would be helpful.

ebay, I found an old gizalle for $50, works fine, only look for stuff in your area though, so U dont have to pay shipping. If U want a new one there is plenty of stuff for under 500.
Good luck

My elliptical trainer is called “Jump Rope” and ran me less than $10. Seriously, why do you need a big machine? The body/heart does not know the difference between a $1000 machine and doing jumping jacks while watching Sex in the City. (Thanks to Shugs for that analogy.) Or do you have some impact issues that make it where you need this type of machine?

TEK… I knew someone would mention this. Yes, jumping rope is good, I have one, but I also need some variety and I know how to get my heart rate up using any exercise machine. I’m not the type who sits on a bike and read Cosmo. I know how to work up a sweat and get a good work out. So, thanks for the idea, but I would really prefer people just give me tips on where to find a decent priced elliptical. Thanks for the tip spuddy!

Oooh boy, TEK: I was going to suggest the same thing - but thought of maybe knee issues. But you said it all very nicely.

I'm not a big fan of them bulky home "toys". I find that you really have to invest serious cash to get a decent treadmill, eliptical trainer, etc. They do, however, make great coat racks.

How about a nordic track? My $500 one is still going 15 years later. Used ones can be had for a few hundred $$ on e-bay. Good ellpiticals are expensive.

Not to horn in here, Teela, but I feel that TEK’s raised an important and valid point. If you’re thinking about an elliptical to replace walking, then I would think that you could do that with free-hand exercises more easily and cheaply. Squat-thrusts come to mind, for example. Just do a little renegade training in your living room.

Of course, if you’ve just got a wet spot for an elliptical, then go ahead and get one. Seems kind of silly, though.

Teela,I know you want to keep it under $500.However,Here’s my experience.If you want a quality eliptical you’ll need to spend about $1000-$1200.My wife and I spent $1100 on an eliptical trainer made by Vision Fitness.It’s been used by us for three years now almost every day;usually twice without any problems.It was worth every penny.I’d never be able to mantain the condition I do without it.If you can afford the investment,you won’t be disapointed.Hope that helps.

Save the mouse machines for the mice. There are plenty of ways to get a good carido workout. Swimming and jump rope would be very easy to accomplish during the winter. Not to mention Coach Davies’ style of non-weighted GPP.