Elliptical v. Treadmill?

Heard recently that treadmills were much more effective than elliptical for HIIT, is this true? I would assume it would be slightly more difficult, but probably not drastically. The goal is heart rate, not muscle usage, correct?


Why not just sprint on a stable surface, like a track or grass? The treadmill can become a real issue with trying to adjust speed for HIIT. And well, treadmill running does not feel like running, it feels like you are only moving just to make sure you aren’t thrown off it.

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8:30 at night, raining, don’t have an indoor facility…

Either one will work you just need to be able to set up intervals to get your heart rate up into your target range. This will be high for your age group, but sprinting for 30 seconds and jogging for 30 seconds on any machine should be alright as long as you do a decent warm up. Keeping 30 second intervals for about 15-20 minutes always works for me give it a try.

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