"Ell Darden's Mud and Bodybuilding"


That article sorta put me on the map. It certainly involved a lot of dirt.

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Dr. Darden,

I recall you stating you didn’t have the genetics to go any further in bodybuilding competition, but your genetic ability was rather good none the less!

I could be wrong but I think he ment with out steroids.

I’m just guessing had Dr Darden gone the steroid way he’d be on the level with Frank Zane. I’m so glad he didn’t though, for that reason as much as any I can trust his judgment!!

Totally agree upon that! Dr Darden’s physique is what most healthy trainees are aiming for, including myself. Had the good doctor chosen the enhanced route of bodybuilding, I’m not sure he would be here today, sharing all his insight. That being said - Maybe the secret of mud has something to do with it? LOL

Big statement right here.

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Not so in my opinion. Can you prove me wrong? So 51% of all “trainees” (healthy unenhanced bodybuilders) would not want to look like that (if they could)? Interesting…

Realize I have started an aesthetic discussion on behalf of Dr Darden. Not so good. This thread opened positively (and I hope it will stay that way).

I think we’re talking at cross purposes here. I’ll spell out what I mean, and you can choose to agree or disagree as you see fit.

I do not believe that >50% of trainees would consider that to be their ideal physique. This is not a knock at the level of achievement, just a recognition of the chasm between “phenomenal” and “ideal”.

I don’t know what PEDs have to do with aims in this context. It implies a level of realism that I don’t believe most trainees to have when we’re discussing aims, goals or ideals

I also don’t believe you would find any example from any realm that >50% of healthy trainees would consider to be an ideal physique. The same would apply to unhealthy trainees, non-trainees or whatever group of people you want to throw your ring around.

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I like your reasoning and open-mindedness. You do have more than one point. I should have kept my opinion in terms of myself (still learning how this forum interacts).

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And I agree with the gist of your post, thats a phenomenal physique that most of us will never achieve.

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Training in the mud involves positive-only exercise. There is no negative resistance in mud. A mud workout is difficult and it really stresses your heart and lungs. But because of a lack of negative force, it’s not the same as using barbells and dumbbells.

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Sounds like prowler pushes and sled drags would be excellent mud workouts.

If you could accomplish those two efficiently, you need to catch the next flight to the Suez Canal.