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EliteFTS Super Heavy Knee Sleeves


Has anyone ordered these and if so what size did you to get? It would be useful to know your weight, knee circumference and hopefully calf circumference?

I ordered their regular heavy sleeve in the Large size and I weigh 210-215, have a knee and calf circumference of 14.5 inches, and these slide on reasonably easily and are bearable to wear while I squat.

I am wondering whether to order a Large again for the Super Heavies or go up a size and get an XL.

Any feedback on how you have found it to use in training would be great too.



I'm 5'10" 254 pounds with 17 inch calves.
I ordered the XL heavy ones and couldn't get them over my calves at all. They didn't even come close to my knees. It took all I could do to get them back off.
Sold them to a friend and I'm thinking of trying the XXL ones.


If you would have read on their website, it says someone in your weight class should have ordered the XXL's.

I just got mine in the mail yesterday. I am 6'1, 255. I do not have a measuring tape to measure my quads or calves. I tried them on, but haven't used them yet. They were pretty hard to get on, but feel like wraps once I get them one. I think they are going to provide plenty of support at the bottom of my squat, without me having to get two other guys at the gym to wrap me.

I may also order the Heavy ones to wear on days I am not going for new PR's. The Super Heavys are just too hard to get on and off, and I'm not sure if I will be able to leave them on between sets. I will keep the thread updated.


Thanks, that's interesting. I have quite thin calves so the Large Heavy knee sleeves actually slide up ok but I'm not sure whether I should get the XLs in the Super Heavy Knees sleeves given my weight is right on the border of Large and XL.


Thanks, that's interesting. I have quite thin calves so the Large Heavy knee sleeves actually slide up ok but I'm not sure whether I should get the XLs in the Super Heavy Knees sleeves given my weight is right on the border of Large and XL.


Are you guys wearing knee sleeves every time you train legs? Or on heavy singles only?


I have been using wraps when doing heavy singles. Now that my squat is where it's at, I've decided to start using sleeves to keep my knees warm in between sets. I'll probably throw them on at 315 when working up to sets of 495.


The super heavy sleeves would be for max singles/doubles/triples only


I used my Super Heavies for the first time today.

135 x 12
225 x 10
315 x 8
405 x 6 (sleeves and belt)
495 x 3 (sleeves and belt)
585 x Fail :frowning:

I had trouble getting out of the shitty rack on the 585. I think if I wouldn't have wasted so much energy, I might have had it.

The sleeves are great. I like them much better than wraps. I slide them up before a set, and then put the down on my calves between sets. I let some of the guys I workout with try them, and they are all going to order a pair.


I would save your money and go with the APT sleeves. Better quality, sizing, and pricing.

The Elite sleeves seemed to be sized quite small and though they are somewhat supportive they are not comfortable for longer training sessions. I have a pair of double ply convict knee sleeves from APT and the Elite's are not even close. The Convicts give more support, warmth, and I can actually wear them for an hour or more without my calves turning purple.

For me sleeves are much more comfortable than wraps, but you definitely do not get the same carryover. Good for lighter training sessions and injury prevention. I also like the Tommy Kono sleeves for tendonitis issues. You can wear them for long periods of time and they provide great warmth with some moderate compression.


I wear my TK's for every leg day. I've also started to alternate a half knee wrap looped around just below my knee when squatting. Seems to hold everythin together realyl well and provide no support.


To be fair I am pretty sure APT make Elitefts Heavy and Super Heavy sleeves for both elbows and knees. I'm guessing the Super Heavy sleeves are the equivalent of the APT Convict single ply sleeves.


I am almost positive that is not the case, but have emailed the Owner of APT to verify.

If APT is making the sleeves then I would that that the super heavy would be equivlent to the super heavy EliteFTS; with the convict being a superior product. Having used both the convict is definitely a different material and stronger weave.


I heard back from the Owner of APT; they in no way are affiliated with EFS nor are they involved in the manufacturing of the sleeves for them.

The APT Convicts are without a doubt a superior product, and come in either single ply or double ply depending on your needs.


Everything I want to order on APT site is out of stock. Ie convict knee/elbow sleeves in XXL. A lever belt. Been that way for 6 months at least according to the web site.


APT did stop selling the lever belts quite some time ago; you can get a comperable product in the Titan Toro lever belt.

As for the Convict sleeves, are you using their sizing chart? I am between 220-227 lbs and the XXL double ply sleeves are quite tight and bunch a little bit, the XXXL (which are supposed to be for 240+) would have been a better fit. The single ply XXL fit well though. Both products are currently in stock. I wear a size medium or large knee sleeve on my elbows depending on how tight I want them.




i want to buy a pair of knee sleevs for squat.

i have seen this video:

anyone can tell me if that knee sleevs she's using would help she (and me) at the botton of the squat.
(and how deepper are that elastic sweatpants ruffers, tuckers underneath the knee sleevs,and are them involving her knees, giving more extra-support??
and if the left knee sleev seems tighter than the right one on the bottom of that squat?)

best lifts:

squat: 130kg x 9


You've linked this video with every single one of your posts.


EFS knee sleeves aren't manufactured by APT.