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EliteFTS squat rack...

Hello everyone,

I am not sure if this is allowed on T-mag, but I thought it would be good information to know:

As a trainer, I am always keeping my eyes out for equipment, and on E-bay there is a guy in Hartford selling his Customized rack from Elitefts. It is the usual power rack with 1" hole spacing, and he got the pull-up attachment on top. Looks like there are one pair of J-Hooks and a single pair of spotting pins. He is asking $450.

Unfortunately, he requires a pick-up of the rack in Hartford. I am not able to do this as I live in Indy and have a small car (I am going to Hartford in two weeks! What a tease!!!).

Anyway, it is easy to find on e-bay if you search for squat rack.

I hope this message gets through as I am not soliciting anything, just trying to help a fellow t-mag reader get a great rack for cheap… you just can’t do better then the racks from Elitefts.

Unfortunately, I will have to keep saving in order to upgrade from the rack I have… grrr!!!

Lil Coach H