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EliteFTS Order Gone Bad!


So i purchased about $400 worth of stuff from elitefts, and let me say that the quality of the gear is very low. It is not at all what i expected from them. The belt that i ordered is a 10mm royal blue belt in a medium size. My waist is about a 32, and this belt does not COME CLOSE to fitting. It said it will fit 25.5" to 34.5" and it actually fits far smaller then this. The quality of the t shirts are very low also. All iron-ons. I have to say though that the foam roller that i ordered is awesome, but this doesnt justify this much money being spent. Also, i would just like to add that after i was charged for the items, and 31 in shipping fees, i had to pay an additional 80 on broker fees. 110 to get this 17 lbs packaged shipped to Toronto is brutal.

Just like to add that if i want a new size of belt, it will cost me 50 to ship it back, then another broker fee to get it back here again.

Anyone have this experience?


Call EFS


I have about 20 shirts from them and have never been dissatisfied with a single one...shits like $12 man.


I've had problems with them before as well, first and last time I ever bought anything there. I ordered 2 pairs of knee sleeves, specifically asked over the phone to send them USPS, they said ok.... what happens, they come UPS, and I get raped on broker charges like you, and to top it off they sent me a pair of elbow sleeves, and only one pair of knee sleeves, not two like ordered. So I got them to send me another set of knee sleeves, asked again to have them sent USPS, they say ok... fuckers send it UPS, and I get raped on broker charges again.

Needless to say I'll never order from them again.


Call em. Only had trouble with an order once, called em, all was taken care of.


Might be a Canadian thing, Ontario specifically.
I ordered a bunch of clothes, chalk and some other misc stuff, and it was fine. Took care of the brokerage myself, which is super easy for me, it's like a 15 minute drive to customs and back to UPS.
Next time tell them you'll take care of the customs, all you do is go to UPS, get papers, go to customs, declare what it is, pay like 1/5th what you would've at UPS, then go back to UPS and pick-up your stuff.


If I had a brick, I'd put it on that you don't actually have a 32" waist. And, did you read the details? I haven't found a shirt that doesn't tell you how the shirt is made. And, what gear did you buy?


Lol, sounds like a fail of communication on your part, it is your duty to make sure the receivers properly decoded the message.


This is why I would make requests via email instead of telephone, then you can hold them to it.


I never had any customer service issues with EliteFTS. They have always been extremely helpful IF YOU GET IN CONTACT WITH THEM.

I had a pair of Blast Straps that had one faulty D-Ring. Called them up to order a replacement part and they sent it out for free. There was another time I e-mailed them about something and it went over well but I cant remember the specifics.

Case in Point: Get in touch with them!


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Sounds like you're an EliteFTS nuthugger that can't read.

I was clear with them, I didn't order in Morse code, I ordered over the phone and talked to an EliteFTS person every time I called, and made it very clear what I wanted. I also stated (before making the purchase) to the idiot on the phone that IF they could not send the parcel USPS I did not want to place an order. Hopefully people reading this can differentiate between USPS and UPS, USPS is United States Postal Service, it cost less to ship, and you don't pay brokerage fees with them, or at least I never have.


OP, if you order from a US based store again I'd recommend going with Ironmind, I have ordered from them a few times and they are very good, customer service and quality both.


You know, when a person has a bad experience with a company, it is usually a good idea to bring it to their attention directly and discretely to give them a chance to make good on the deal before going full blast on another site.


I would suggest not living in Canada.


x2. You might be 32" where the measuring tape is, but not over the 4 inches that belt spans. My belt either goes over my bottom ribs or my iliac crest and makes me a couple of inches fatter than my waist circumference.


Never once have I had a problem. Probably placed 5-10 orders from belts to t-shirts. Will be building my gym through them.


I order chalk from them all the time.

Once I got some bands with my chalk that I hadn't ordered, I had to paid some fees to retrieve the whole thing since it was in one box. When I e-mailed EFS they told me I could keep the bands for free or send them back at my expense.

Obviously I kept the bands.


Did you call them hozers? That'd piss me off.


I've never had issues with them at all and have gotten a majority of my equipment there. IF you're a 32" pant waist it doesn't necessarily mean you're a 32" waist. I fit into 32" pants, heck sometimes they're even loose yet my waist is more around a 33.

If you'd done a bit of research you'd know to order a belt a size big (that's what I did with my inzer lever belt which is amazing). They're a powerlifting company with the focus being on their actual equipment which has been great what I've gotten, if you want nice shirts go to an actual clothing company.