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Elitefts in Dallas


Just a note from our friends at Dave Tate's Elitefts, they'll be having a seminar in the Dallas, Texas area on September 3rd and 4th. Topics:

Dynamic Effort Training
Max Effort Training
Repeated Effort
Box Squatting
Proper Bench Technique
Designing a Program
Supplemental and accessory lifts
Lifting for beginners to advanced
Sticking points
GPP and extra workouts
Training Cycles

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for info!




Ha I don't want you to be alone here Xen so YES!!!!!! Anyway, anyone here trying to go I might. OR I really want to go. Money might be an issue.


I am already signed up. Should be awesome...


Sorry if this sounds stupid, but does EFTS have storefronts? I've heard of an "Elite Fitness" in Richmond, Va but I've also heard they have treadmills, which makes me think that it's not actually EFTS.


It is not the same Elite. I think you can go in and buy shit from them in the compound in Ohio, but they are not a chain or anything.


I live in Richmond and TRUST ME it is not at all associated with the REAL Elitefts. Sadly I wished for such a thing and stopped by only to be ANGERED! They sell workout equipment and the staff was quite rude when I asked if they had a reverse hyper. They looked at me like I had a third eye.


Does Elitefts ever come to the southeast states? I'd love to attend a session, but Dallas is a bit of a poke from here.


If you can come up with a place and enough people, I believe you can set one up.

Also, I think Donnie Thompson is in SC. You ought to try and get a hold of him, maybe he's not too far off. Post over on the Q&A for him.