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ELITEFTS Has Cut All Ties With Metal Powerlifting Over Comments Made By Its Founder


As far as I know, Elitefts was the only American company that carried Metal. Pretty much the end of an era. Very crazy times.


What’s the offensive post?

It was a meme mocking the death of George Floyd.

Good for them. Always got the feeling that Dave built his company around strong moral values, glad to see them acting on it.


Good for them! I recently got a metal comp belt but crap this makes me wanna sell it. Dave Tate is a good guy and I I have bought many items and clothing from his store. This makes me want to make a purchase today.


Metal will likely live on as single ply in the EU despite this. Multiply is dominated by Inzer/Overkill right now

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I’ve covered my metal logos on my gear already with duct tape. Working on getting an overkill shirt.

Such a stupid decision, dudes a member ( or was before this ) of the Finnish parliament.

His twitter has some anti muslim stuff too if you translate it, shameful and saddening honestly.


We are talking Ano Turtiainen here. Sad to hear a powerlifter I once admired is a racist prick.
Article about the crap.


That’s horrible.

I see many people expressing surprise, but I won’t. Lifting weights, even at an elite level, doesn’t make anyone a role model. There are just as many shitty people in powerlifting as any other walk of life.

Are you sure about that? Their stuff isn’t on the IPF approved list because they didn’t want to pay the ridiculous fees, and outside the IPF there isn’t a whole lot of single ply lifting going on that I am aware of.

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So ur saying I can get mucho discounts on second hand metal deadlift suits to cheat deadlift 3hundo with?

Yeah metal is done in the states, USAPL just dropped them.

usapowerlifting .com/metal-banned-from-usa-powerlifting/


I duno, unless RPS and SPF drop them it’ll remain for a while.

People tend to forget.

Now the question is will people continue to buy new metal products. Likely not. However if someone sent me a metal canvas I’d gladly remove the logo…


Just took a quick glance at OpenPL, in 2019 USAPL had 1483 geared lifters, RPS and SPF combined (including single and multi) had 373. If USAPL dropping them doesn’t put them under, it sure will put the hurt on them.

You also have to think that now a newer lifter can’t just wonder on to EliteFTS and find some metal sleeves or wrist wraps. People will have to dig and more specifically search them out to buy their stuff. I definitely agree, people tend to forget, but the sheer logistics aren’t in their favor right now.

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Agreed, likely they’ll disappear into the annuls and be at best a footnote of powerlifting.

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So poetic lol

I do wonder how far the scrubbing is going to go. Elitefts lifters all wore Metal, it’s in a ton of their promotional photos, there’s all the stuff from back with the WPO, etc etc. Just scrap it all and start over? Is Elitefts going to carry ANY powerlifting gear, or is that going to just be completely done? Think how weird that would be.

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I can assure you Dave is looking into something. Might not be a quick fix but something and yeah, they’ll pull a lot of the photos if they can. They’ve done with when other people have exited the scene, but probably not on this scale.

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