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EliteFTS Free Shipping + Poster


I've been meaning to get a nice dip belt and some blast straps...as well as a poster of a big dude deadlifting. So I'm in luck!

Check it out: http://www.elitefts.com/

It ends early Thursday morning.


thinks for letting me know going to grab something I thought about getting this motivates me to get it.


I just ordered the Westside seminar DVD. Even though I've read tons of articles on the Westside method, I thought it would be better to have visuals. Heard a lot of great testimonies so I'm sure it's a very beneficial DVD.

Are any of the Healthy Learning DVDs good? Some of them seem very informative in regards to the general fitness field.


I swear... I placed an order with them on Monday, and I got this same email on Tuesday. That shit always happens to me. Shipping was only $8 so I guess it's no big deal.


grr I did the same thing...I want my $5 back