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EliteFTS Econo Core Blaster


Anyone try these yet? I currently just stick my bar in the corner of a wall with a piece of wood to protect the wall and floor but if this makes the movements better it may be worth the investment. I'd love to get two and do press to bars at the same time but that would definately be cost prohibitive.



Had a friend make me one for two barbells . It works great , but I don't use it much .


I was thinking this might be good for neutral grip floor presses since I really don't any dumbells of significnt weight.

Getting someone to make one would definately be the way to go but I dont anyone who could do it. If I bought this I defniately would want to get my monies worth.


I think it would sit in the corner after the initial this is cool thing .

Believe me, I'm that guy who buys every gadget . I'm just giving my two cents to maybe save you money.

We did the landmine exercise at first and grappler deadlifts . We also used it for t bar rows . So it is versatile . I think it'd go by tfe wayside after some time. Side bends, suitcase deadlifts etc can be done for the obliques and such .


Low and behold my gym just got the floor plate version. I liked floor pressing with it but getting under heavy weight is impossible and I don't think having the bar with round plates resting on a few cinder blocks is safe so I'm going to pass on this.


I went ahead and bought the core blaster and what a POS. Did anyone even look at this thing before shipping? The post is atleast as half as long as it needs to be which means it dosen't touch the bottom of the post sleeve and the hinge lies agaisnt the prowler so you can't even move the thing more than a few inches.


Matt from eliteFTS is going to take care of the problem.