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Eliteballer on Drugs?



dude has a great set of teeth for someone that comes off as whacked out of his mind.




"no tit love" lol


words can not describe the amount of pure suck, and idiocy you have for thinking this would make an interesting thread.
Go away and never come back.


i can fuckin talk




Of course it's interesting !

Crazy guy check.
Drugs check.
Alcohol check.
Tits check.
Fucking fuck fuck check.
Orangutan check.
Unbelievable story check.
Nikes check.
Eliteballer look alike check.

And this guy is probably just making this shit up. I'm guessing that you did not undestand that.

You do realize that you're posting in the GAL forum, don't you ?

P.S. I love your avatar. No I don't...

P.P.S. Are you Eliteballer ?