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Eliteballa3's 3 Weeks Progress Pic


here is a picture 3 weeks after hss 100 ill do before and after pics


here is the before picture


and one more after picture


Oh Boy...


WTF...no shoe?


Wow, the HSS-100 program turns you black and white? Cool.

Seriously though, do the HSS-100 specialization for your back and never do another ab workout.


Aren't you a ball player? Why do you care about building a physique?


peace wow last time i post shit on here you guys are all immature and dont post anything usefull just a bunch of bs.


I rated you a 9.8. I'd have probably given you a 10 if I could accurately measure your BF%, but I had to guess.

Did HSS-100 make you shrink?


Awwwww...look at you...you got a girlfriend!!! I like your avatar...STUD! ;->

Okay, honestly Bella, you look better in the before picture. You obviously look much better than the infamous shoe picture.

What do you want from us? Tell you where youre weak? Tell you where youre strong?

My 2 cents...take it for what it's worth...
(And dont be surprised when the little jackass on a spotted horse comes in here and makes some stupid comment about what I write...)

Weak: Shoulders, biceps, traps, pecs

Strong: Abs, cute face

Try taking a current picture in color so we can see a true comparison shot.



Ha. You always come back.

What do you want anyway? In the before picture you look like Christian Bale in The Machinist and I can't even see shit in the after picture.

Why don't you show some pics of you dunking or a video of a wicked crossover?


The problem is that YOU don't post anything useful. It's impossible to evaluate your pictures when you change poses and switch from color to black and white. Spend time gathering data (pictures, logs, stats, whatever you've got) and presenting it to us, and we'll have something to work with. Although I'm sure there are a lot of people here who love to look at dudes with their shirts off, a lot of people here don't, and to get anyone here to help you you've got to give us something to work with.

I give you props for coming back here, but you've got to realize you're always going to get shit for the shoe. I get shit from my friends for stuff I did 10 years ago and vice-versa - it's no big deal. If you don't let that bother you and actually listen and take people's advice, you'll have access to a wealth of knowledge.


Like the old saying goes:

"we wouldn't tease you if we didn't like you."

Although this adage may or may not apply in this case. But honestly you are the shoe guy, just flow with it.

"I build 3 bridges but do they call me a bridge builder? no. I farm fields for 15 years but do they call me a farmer? no. I run an auction every year but do they call me an auctioneer? no. But you fuck ONE sheep..."



I guess I'm the stupid jackass on the spotted horse, I got no comments cuz she didnt get excited by you.

All that aside, constructively...you need to widen your back out...I can tell that from the front.

Try doing rows with a household item..maybe a heavy shoe?


Dammit Swole, I was wondering when you would come in here and read that!! LOL

Got nothing but love for ya baby!!! ;-*



Dude.. 3 different poses, 2 different color schemes, and yet i see no difference.. And why are u posting after just 3 weeks? makes u look like ur just doing it for the attention..

Wheres the SHOE!?

srry.. had to say it..


that shoe thing just keeps getting more and more funny..


I know right!

Balla, I said it before Il say it again. You dont want help, you wont do what it takes to grow. Your here for attention and to fuck around.

You will never be big the way your going, even after last time you begged for programs and said your sticking to it and all that shit. Your exactly the same.




Stop asking people for help, everyone knows you wont use it.
And people... stop trying to help this guy. Your not getting anywhere.

Hes going to play basket ball for 3 hours a day, train abbs and biceps, then probably Finnish it off with 1 meal a day of pop tarts and coke. I cant be the only one thinking this guy is hopeless?


head shaking

OK, this is a rate your photos area, right? You get your feedback first and foremost from your rating, so see above.

Second, what do you want to hear? Seriously, I'm not trying to unnecessarily bust your chops, but as everyone is saying, you cannot even compare the two photos.

Third, what exactly were you specializing with on HSS-100? You are really lean, but given the fact that you need to add overall size, why worry about specializing on anything right now?


But is your foot growing? Hold up a shoe.
Triple B, your just lucky I'm in a good mood cuz I just had my steak. I'm always happy after tasting a good slab o beef. (insert gay joke here!!..no really..i like it..)