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Eliteballa33 Updated Pictures - No Sneakers


Just wanted to give an update from where I was a few months ago,hope all is well with the t nation team.



Holy fuck bro​:rofl::rofl::rofl:
I remeber that shoe thread!!! I was like 16 or 17.
That shit was epic!!
There was also some guy that had adventures with some asian chicks i think his name was kipplemet or something.
The title of this thread sparked a billion memories coming back to me🤭.


Long time lurker, and getting my feet wet in the forums, stumbled upon this thread.

What a ride.


long time fellas


Rear leg elevated split squats with slow controlled descents will help build up each sides ability to stabilise, even just bodyweight alone can do the trick. If you’ve been injured probably worth giving a go to see if you’ve developed any imbalances etc. Best of luck with it, upper body looking solid


Whoa I did not realise this was an old thread until now… My bad


Thanks brother i appreciate it. My knee pain is so much better then it was almost nothing now. My abductors are built up and so is the posterior chain my legs are solid now.Ive been doing a ton of core as well.Here are a few progress pics.


lol deffintly was some good times. I thought id come back after i dont post pictures of shoes anymore and decided to eat a few things.


Oh stop it with this internet… This has gone too far.


Here is an update


Was the pic your gf took even of you it looks like a completely different tattoo on your shoulder


No it was someone completely different,Really why would you ask some dumb shit like that


I should use it more than I had been


Lol this is like reading an episode of the Mtv series the Jersey shore :joy:


Herp derp derp hero ball fondler with no shoes