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Eliteballa33 Updated Pictures - No Sneakers


So like I don’t have to bench loads of weight on incline? Or is the improvement more important like going from 135 to 225 vs like an absolute number?


This seems unrealistic.


That sounds like the most newb question! Haha once you can bench 285 Incline, your chest will magically fill out and be magnificent :wink:


fuck off :wink:

Let me have my dreams


I wouldn’t lie man.That would do me no good.All I’m saying is the incline for me has been an amazing exercise that made my bench shoot up.I most likely had a very under developed upper chest.Now maybe I could do a bit more then 135 on incline but but either way 50-80 lb increase on bench with no roids in 3-4 months is something pretty awesome. For me 3 plates is just for me to be able to do I don’t need to prove it to anyone,I just want to do it for myself.we all have goals right,that’s what keeps us striving for success and propelling is forward. Today is leg day can’t wait to hit the legs hard today.


Thanks brother,going to throw that in today.


how so? I would imagine 4 sets of 5 at 205 translates to roughly… 260?. something in that range. 1 set of 5 at 315 on bench translated to about 375 for me. So going from 260 to 315 in a year when he’s only recently started really pushing the movement? Doesn’t sound crazy, just difficult.

It really probably depends a lot on how his reps translate to 1rm’s. Everyone is different in that regard. If he’s only sitting at like a 225 max right now, that’s different. I’m assuming this isn’t the case.


Well maybe its something In my head. I tried it yesterday no problem,bar down to chin on incline. Maybe i can do a bit more then i think but i like to be cautious. Maybe i can get the 3 plates its not going to be tomorrow or anything but 6-8 mths i dont see why not based on my new improvments. Only one way to know. Thats eat,put in the work and the goals will come. I will try two plates on incline in two weeks. I will keep everyone updated on this. Today is leg day. Had some pizza for lunch(cheat meal) tonight it’s time to use all that glycogen and hit some heavy Dead lifts,goblet squats and lunges.


I probably should have added that it seems unrealistic “to me.” I find incline to be much more difficult, and I have a great deal of respect for anyone that can bench 315 - it’s one of my weaker lifts.

I totally defer to your expertise.

I didn’t want to be a buzzkill, or a hater, just seems like a pretty lofty goal.


lofty is accurate. A 315 incline bench is not exactly common, lol.


We can only try right. I will keep updating and go from there. That is all i can do at this point. Keep pushing toward goals and hope I achieve them.


Go get it brother, aim high!


Thank you!!! Was going to ask this as well!


Just hit my goal I was going for one rep but got 4 clean reps and the 5th one I had some help :slight_smile:


Progress picture


So here is progress from three weeks of legs

let me know what areas I should work on I’m thinking the medial portion of my legs


Just mass my friend.

They are much better than expected.

What? No fucking sneaker?


Thanks brother ,yeah just finally getting back into the swing of things did some work today.

Will update in 4 weeks finally knee pain is going away from all this leg work


apologies if you already answered this. What kind of knee pain?

I had patellar tendinitis for like 8 months of 2017. I put my body through a lot of stress with all the competitions I did, and didn’t ever let myself heal. I basically just pushed through the pain, and stopped working on my legs for a long time. I THINK the injury is healed now, I have yet to test it, but I’m wondering if you had something similar, or totally different? And if similar, how did you deal with it?

As to your legs pic. They look much better than what I bet a lot of the haters 'round here have. The teardrop muscle is really good IMO. As Myth suggested, just more work would help. I don’t know how basketball factors into all of that for you, but from a strictly aesthetic point, more leg size would help match your lower body to your upper body. You are imbalanced, but not to the extent that most of the commenters in this thread probably thought.


Knee pain,tendinitis and It band syndrome. I feel its all kind of the same and related to imbalance. I have been hitting legs pretty hard this past month. Doing a lot of trap dead lifts,reverse lunges,strict form negative box squats,goblet squats,side lunges,side step ups,i also hit the abductors as well as this has actually been one of the only thing helping my knees.
3-4 sets 8-12 reps on each exercise.

Just kind of sample of what im doing,the other day i did trap bar dead lifts at 225 for 20 reps,was ready to fall over after all. I know for a face i recruited quite a bit of hormones on those two sets of 20 rep. Then yesterday i did full body,squats/press,squat-db hold in front,reverse lunge with curl. Just throwing different stuff at my body getting those legs strong so they can keep knee tracking optimal. If you have any further suggestions let me know.