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Eliteballa33 Updated Pictures - No Sneakers


I’ll have to take your word on that one, lol.


nope not that one.


The one with the cheat day singlet?


i’m guessing the girl in the squat rack


Blonde with the Snapchat hearts.


nope not that one


although fun and entertaining,not that one.


bingo you got it!!!


today is the off day for me man…need to rest up and eatttt :smiley:


I like making them with ham, egg and cheese. So bad ass. When I first moved out I would do it with hot dogs too. Take a hot dog, cut it in half vertically, then horizontally so it’s 4 skinny pieces. Fry an egg and “cook” hot dogs while toasting the eggos. Build sandwich, then further cook the sandwich on a griddle pan. Goddamn was it good.


I was blessed enough to meet this one…my love :smiley:


Not gonna say much - but il give you respect for pulling the hot chicks.


you could learn a few things from me J.R . I actually know quite a lot and could help you grow. I don’t lift religiously and managed to put on good size while playing basketball 3x week. I’m a certified trainer believe it or not and i study a lot of holistic medicine as well. Do you know how your digestion is are you methylating properly have you done your 23 and me test? Are you deficient in B vitamins, magnesium,zinc? hows your estrogen level compared to your test levels? How is your phase 2 detoxification…slow? fast? These all are extremely important factors in regards to your hormones,metabolism and digestion and how you look in general. Im sure you already knew this @duketheslaya


Here is a video my girl took of me a few weeks ago.I definitely can use some work but it’s a start.


Mirin pecs no homo. Have you always had a full chest?

Will swap some legs for pecs lol.


Can you specify how it could use some work? I’m not trying to be inflammatory, just curious where your head is at.


Sure man, i think shoulders,and back could use work. Of course need to build the legs up. That is probally a reason for the knee pain in the first place do to under developed lower body or an imbalanced lower body. I probally have weak vmo which is causing knee tracking problems thus creating inflimation. Now the it feels better I need to really attack the posterior chain and do good functional movements.


Honestly the best advice i can give is. Incline bench,incline bench and if you can still do more do some more incline bench. My upper body shot up after really attacking the incline bench. My bench went up 50lbs no joke.


assuming you don’t have any pre-existing injuries/conditions that would keep you from doing these: heavy deadlifts, heavy dumbbell rows, and carries. In that order of prioritization. I feel like those sorts of things have probably been missing from your programming based on where I see weaknesses. They could totally overhaul your physique, and I doubt your basketball performance would suffer.


Yea man,i cant wait to hit some deads tomorrow and some farmers walk. I had a nice no spot pr tonight i did 205- for 4 sets of 5 on the incline,bar to chin. I had my incline bench go up probably 60-80 lbs in 3-4 months no joke. Found out i had a huge weakness in my upper chest. In a year my goal is to hit 3 plates on inclice. I think i can do it. As im seeing my strength keep going up and up. I just have to make sure i make the supporting muscles strong enough. Deadlifts are king. I love trap bar dead lifts!