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Eliteballa33 Updated Pictures - No Sneakers


www.wearyourambition.com the site has been a nightmare,but hopefully once i get the full line out people will be able to do what i need them to. I have an instragram:wearyourambition


I NEED this fucking shirt




Yeah, we’re gonna need the instagram of the girl in the green top and black bike shorts.

You gotta give us something in return haha

I like your logo btw.


The shirt with:


Down the middle is actually pretty slick. clean.


thanks brother,its a work in progress really been frustrated with the process that people cant do what i need but at least people can get an idea of my site.


thanks brother,girl in the green is Sara. I want to get away from just giving hot chicks my hats and clothing. In a few months i will have everything manufactured and hand made. It’s just a process on this whole thing. Easier said then done. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.


I open this thread expecting shoe pics and I get hot chicks instead? Da fuck.

J/k. Welcome back @eliteballa33 and good job, both in life and the gym.

@duketheslaya Why don’t you guys make up. Having positive role models is the key to making your life less shitty. Come on, make the first move, dude.


$20 bucks my man!

*if anyone is interested I just created a 15% discount code “tnation”.

Log of the ol Teufel Hunden - 2017/2018 Transformation

Very cool, man. Good luck!


I also like the logo


Thanks man. All women are a pain in the ass but can you guess which one is mine from the above pictures?


Trick question, all of them. Ammirite? Who’s the ‘slaya’ now?

Seriously, way to redeem this thread.

Do you still own the OG shoe? Will you start selling shoes? Cause, you totally should… sell them as a BF% calculator.


A) used to talk to all of them a bit but only one of them is my serious girl. I used to always look for the next best thing and be a big flirt. Ive been with one of them for two years now,she keeps pushing the questions. Me i like to let things ride. I know she is the right one but women get antsy. You know what i should buy a cheap pair from ross and put whats your body fat on the side of the shoe and start selling them. Fuck even Lavar ball can sell clown shoes.


Kanye sells his shit for like $1000. They just look like the Ol’ Nike Prestos.


exactly! if only someone could find the original whats my body fat with the shoe. If you want i can tell you why i took this picture with the shoe. I feel the mystery leaves it alot more funny. If i tell you why it wont be as funny any more.


After some research it is most likely:

“What is my Body Fat” under the name @eliteballa3 mid-2000s?

Seems to be gonski…


So these are prepacked waffles? We get these supa awesome ready made Belgian waffles here that basically have rock chunks of sugar. They’re top stuff


Lol the one in black leggings taking a selfie in the gym mirror?


Idk man, making a post workout peanut butter and banana sandwich with two eggos instead of bread while fucking baked was the best part of college