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Eliteballa33 Updated Pictures - No Sneakers


Once I learned that Eggos were the enemy, I had to switch to a primarily Id based diet.


Early contender for pun if the year


If Eggos are the enemy, you must really be afreud of SuperEggos.


When Christian from T Nation likes your posts


Damn @duketheslaya , I remember when you first joined this forum I thought to myself “this guys gonna get torn apart and be gone in like three days.”

Then it seemed like you learned from the tongue lashings, learned some humbleness, humility, how to take advice, and just generally matured. You had the whole of t-nation in your log rooting for you and giving advice and helping you in your journey.

Now lately you’ve reverted back to the original a-hole duke that people didn’t like. I know you feel like you’re in the right here, but you’re absolutely not. From an outside perspective of a guy that has no dog in this fight, you’ve been a complete douche in this thread. Why do you feel the need to talk shit to people that are way above your level and just generally act like a little pecker head to people older and wiser than you? You haven’t made nearly enough progress in any area to act the way you do.
I hope you get back on the right track.

Ok. End internet intervention


Also, eliteballa good job on the progress. Chest, shoulders and arms looking way better than the shoe thread. Keep it up and work on building that yoke


sees drama in the thread >>>>>> Normal


Thats brother, just had a good leg workout in a long time. Knees are feeling better. Did a workout
trap dead lifts 4x8,bulgarian split squats 3x12 ,goblet squats 4x15,front lunges 3x12,swiss ball glute bridge-single leg 2x15 ,cable aductors 2x15 and aductors 2x15. Just played some ball tonight we won had 8 threes in the A leauge which is the best league in my city. 35 points :slight_smile: . Knees are starting to act up again need to ice these beasts and then hit up a leg strength workout on friday or saturday. I feel my strength coming back feels great to finally be able to lift some damm weights with my legs.

Thanks for comment,appreciate it!


i like this guy!


FWIW, lunges make my knees cranky, even though they’re a relatively natural movement. I’ve found reverse lunges work best, walking lunges are so-so, and standing forward lunges are the worst. Barbell squats have the same effect if I do them more than once a week.

Because of that, I mix free weight leg exercises with a few machines - leg press/extensions/curls and calf raises. My knees feel great if I squat then follow it up with machines one day then do trap bar deadlifts and lunges another day. Sports, physical activity, and cardio round out the leg training. Good luck!


Late to the party. What on Earth are Eggos??? @littlesleeper


Give me three months now that my knee is better you will see the difference.For not training legs it sure is sad that I can do more weight than you or him after looking at your past journals :slight_smile: Don’t worry I’ll get my wheels going.


Thanks for the advice I’ll start trading front lunges for reverse lunges I’ll probably get more recruitment on the glutes and hamstrings anyways.



No problem. Finding the right motion and balance for reverse lunges took me a few tries, but the effort is worthwhile. And you’re right, these give more posterior chain activation. If they don’t feel right for your knees though, by all means, toss em out!


Eggo’s are fuckin Bush League! BUSH LEAGUE!!


Well i need some ice,and then hit the gym friday saturday after i do some tfl releasing and vastus lateralis release. I actually made a video on it,check it out below. I had to rush this video after my workout because the gym was closing but check it out maybe it can help someone. It definitely helped me. [Quick video i made last week on increasing hip mobility ]


What is “Wear Your Ambition Wear Your Ambition”? Did you start a business or something?


I just do this because i enjoy helping people. I have a few business that i run and manage. Wear your ambition is my clothing line that has been a bit troublesome getting off the ground now i finally have some people who know how to manufacture and get meet the quality that i want. All my clothing is hand made from scratch with the highest quality cotton you can buy on the market. Pima cotton. It’s a work in progress but i know it will be great in the long run. The video is not edited or anything,i just uploaded it to hopefully help some people,who have flexibility issues. This is a quick fix that i always do before basketball or leg day.


cool, I was just curious because I have my own clothing line as well. esavagery .com