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Eliteballa33 Updated Pictures - No Sneakers


I’ve never had this combo before.

It has to be the real stuff, I can’t handle the Aunt Jemima crap.

Haha, I was wondering this too, although I do know he tends to stick to high fat/low carb diet approach.

Incorrect. But I’m the weird guy who prefers Eggos over all waffles.

Also, pancakes are simply a means of delivering delicious maple syrup into your mouth. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sorry @eliteballa33 for the hijack, but I’ll go ahead and assume that it is ok at this point.


giphy (25)


I’m not a good physique judge but looking solid from these photos. Regarding wheels, From the photos I imagine they aren’t too huge in relation to the upper. IMHO, easy fix: volume squatting multiple times per week. Progress into some 5x10’s. Once adapted, throw in some 20 rep breathing squats once or twice a week, maybe 10x10’s on occasion. Easy way to “donk the whip”.

Not saying this is your mindset but, I never understood people who don’t like “pumping up” the quads/glutes/hamstrings, but love pumping up chest/biceps etc. Leg pump is gold.

If you’re injured, sucks! Heal up then beast out on legs.



Well, we obviously can’t be friends…



Oh right, i forgot that its okay for you to go around calling people bitches and assholes. You attacked me first.

Again nothing in this thread warrants your nastiness, its fucked. As for the advice and lessons you are teaching well thanks.

Alright then, just how you originally tried to come across doesnt generally work. It just made me mad. This however i understood and now acknowledge that i was being a dick.



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Thanks man, i will have a read and try get it on pdf.

Thankyou for that.


French toast is just so hit or miss for me. Some french toast is just hard to get through. Too much chewing. It’s harder to fuck up a waffle. I’ve had TERRIBLE french toast. I can’t remember ever having an inedible waffle.

@littlesleeper chicken and waffles is a pretty big deal in the Southern US states. Texas included. And no, I’m not talking about Aunt Jemima. The place that serves these awesome waffles is a scratch kitchen.

Another thing we often see on chicken and waffles, to go with the syrup, is cream gravy. The combination is so much better than you’d likely expect.


This is true, but why it can be sooooo much better than a waffle. It has to be made with Brioche, though.

Get ones made of Ezekiel bread…


Like Cream Chipped Beef?


ezekiel bread waffles? how does that even work?


Hell if I know. I just know there are two that have been sitting in my freezer since 2014.


Damn, our little family is being ripped apart by someone who doesn’t even train legs :cold_sweat:


You are my hero :joy:


I remember having waffles with yoghurt, honey, crushed nuts, fruit and a dab of chocolate syrup by the sea on a greek ionian island as girls in scant bikinis walked by.

I’m pretty sure that’s what heaven is like haha


“Revenge of the Shoe Guy”

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Ok Stop.

Drop it now.


Ok man