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Eliteballa33 Updated Pictures - No Sneakers


Am aware of neither’s previous posting history. Was commenting on this isolated argument alone.

Again not defending the escalation or tone of response.


Right; I was responding to your reply with my own thoughts on the matter.

But now I feel like we’re doing an instant replay of our conversation, haha.


I responded to him first when he broke the barrier by being a dick to Irishman, because he couldnt handle a little humour. So yes i took a shot at his balls which he deemed worthy to post about in this thread.

You never called out eliteballa though did you? Oh thats right, He’s your favourite little tnationer.

Well thanks for all the advice you’ve given me flip. Goodbye i suppose.

Im just going to ignore the asshole, bitch etc comments and pretend like that never happened. This thread or my behaviour does not warrant that kind of abuse. Are you okay flip? Tough day? Do you need emotional support? Maybe some cuddling with eliteballa will make you feel better?


God damn, I love the internet.


nah. i’m not the one with a log dedicated to telling the T-Nation world all about my problems at home and how hard life is. You literally have a log on here that is about 50 % a source for emotional support. Too funny man.

as for my ‘support’ for eliteballa. I re-read this thread to make sure I didn’t mis-remember. There is no reason to call him out for anything, because he was entirely civil and friendly prior to you and irish shitting on the thread. And you actually were the one who started it with the legs comment, and then the ‘bro muscle’ shot you took. There was no negativity from eliteballa until he responded to irishman’s bullshit, followed by yours.


I am excited about the front squat competition about to unfold.


1/10 for results predictability

10/10 for the hilarity.


Hell no. Give me 50 years give or take then maybe i would match flip


@duketheslaya may I suggest you read this:

I think it would serve you well.


I read a similar book on nutrition titled “Eggo the enemy”

…God I miss waffles.


@duketheslaya To build on what other grown-ups have said, a simple rule you can follow is read your posts aloud before you send your thoughts racing across the internet. Imagine a grown man built like flipcollar is standing in front of you.

Would you say what you’ve just written to that guy’s face? If the answer is no, it is probably best to refrain from posting without further revision.


I use this function a lot:


You have no clue how much i hate my life man. Or what being me is like. Or what I’ve gone through.

So sorry for being all depressed and shit and posting about it. If thats an issue to you then please fix it all for me so i dont feel this way.

Thats a much better response. Was it that hard?

I was kidding around. You see the " cant train legs , injuries etc shit all the time" plus i saw some old eliteballa threads where he would never post a leg pic and only posts bro pics ( hence the bro muscles) anyways that was meant to be a compliment. He needs to chill the fuck out and get a sense of humor. So yes i be’d a dick. My dick attempt was after he bed a dick to irishman.

Lead with that next time instead of going off your nutter .


notice that I didn’t bring it up until you taunted me. You reap what you sow. I don’t attack people personally when I am not attacked personally. You asked me if I needed coddling. I reminded you which one of us is the emotional infant. Learn from this.

stop it.



a good friend of mine did a breakfast bracket a few months ago. Like the college basketball brackets, but with breakfast foods. Waffles won the overall title. And I couldn’t agree more. Very few things in life are better than waffles. Chicken and waffles hold a very special place in my heart. There’s a place near me that serves Jalapeno corn bread waffles with fried chicken tenders, maple syrup and a homemade honey butter on top. It’s absolutely killer.

Why do you miss waffles? Are you waffle-intolerant?


stop it.




French Toast > Waffles


Normally I’d agree, but there’s a ritzy mall my wife loves going to that has a little waffle cart. I almost don’t mind going there if I can get the below.

(Their description) A dark chocolate covered waffle with our handmade salted caramel ice cream topped with a dark chocolate shell, whipped cream and a sprinkle of black lava salt.


Ma fucker that’s a damn dessert!!

(lol incase unclear…)


What… no?! This is breakfast.