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Eliteballa33 Updated Pictures - No Sneakers


Awww someone’s a little grumpy, are you sure your balls work? Real men dont sook and cry over what random people said to them on the Internet.

Its sad that you lift more then me and you’re bigger is it? Wow, you must be so proud of yourself. With all those years of training under your belt and you still have the skinniest legs i’ve ever seen. You’re the laughing stock of this site.

There’s a certain thing called “Grammar and punctuation”. Learn how to use it, fuckface. Go shove your sneaker up your ass.


And here we go again… :disappointed:


Deja Vu… a glitch in the matrix


In b4 @khangles starts roasting everyone again


*Duke trying to get khangles to roast cunts


Holy shit… I’ve not been on the forums for a couple years and right off the bat I see and EliteBalla thread.


Dude why did you come in here just to start shit and be an asshole? The post you quoted above from him from avantlabs is literally 12 years old.

Grow the fuck up dude. You’re being a little bitch for no reason.


Duke was about 2-and-a-half years old when that thread was posted. He was younger than that when Balla’s first thread was on TN.

FYI, this kind of thinking is literally what’s wrong with kids today. Yes, that’s an “old man” thing to say, but it’s fact. The Internet isn’t some separate reality that exists in isolation from the real world.



LMAO ! i am an old man now 32


Haha you’re going to wish you feel as old as a 32 year old in the not too distant future.

The 4am walk down the stairs when it feels like every joint is holding its own stop work protest never gets easier!


This reply doesnt warrant someone to have a sook and reply this, but yall gonna ignore it. Well sorry that i didnt. What because eliteballa is your little T Nation hero?



In Dukes defence, though he did eacalate it a little too far, OP was the first to break the decorum. Irish comment was obviously tongue in cheek.


Tbh still not sure if “fuck off” was like “fuck off bro (lel)” or "fuck off (proper)"sure


He used no gifs tho. No gifs no lels



duke has a history. I feel that is relevant to my understanding of his posts.




I will say though it is logically inconsistent for someone to request their previous posts be deleted while at the same time using OTHER people’s previous posts as some sort of weapon.

If people want to be a-holes to each other, cool, but at least be consistent.


I’m sorry duke, but what is the quote supposed to prove? Eliteballa’s response to you was after you took a shot at his fucking balls.

I will reiterate. You’re being a bitch for no reason. You came in here with incendiary posts.

You are a 15 year old asshole who looks like absolute garbage. You CONSTANTLY make excuses for why you look terrible. You’re always calling out other people who look 1000x better than you do, and who are clearly stronger. You use your age as a crutch.

I gave you a long leash and quite a bit of patience in my own book, because I know kids can be really obstinate. But you’ve used up all the credit I was willing to give you.

All in all, you’re really good at alienating people who could really help you. I fall into that category. There’s no need for you to continue to tag me in your log asking for advice. you’re not going to get it anymore, at least as long as you have this shitty attitude.