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Eliteballa33 Updated Pictures - No Sneakers


Been a while but here is where im at now,i took some time off but been at it for about a year hard again. Needs some work but here i am at 183lb. I still play alot of basketball so i don’t want to put to much more size on maybe another 15lbs and then cut down from there. Try to keep a lean frame if i can. Hope everyone is well in the community.

Eliteballa3 progress pics 5/21/18



Not sure if bigjez or bigtroll.


thats true. Ive had a knee injury so i havnt been lifting heavy with them. Ill try to get a picture sometime for you. Anyways just checking in.






You’re never going to get a leg pic guys.


Wait @duketheslaya
Is this the fabled sneaker guy?!


Yes :joy:


Good job. You’re packing alot more size then a few years ago lol. Anyway, since this is rate your physique id say you need to work on your posterior chain and legs. Got good bro muscles.


Thanks man. Appreciate it. I can get some pics of the legs and back and you guys can tell me what i should work on,then i will get to work and come back in a month with some progress pics.


you’re back!!! WE LOVE YOU.


FLIPCOLLAR -you are looking pretty solid man,great physique!


my girl took this off me a few weeks ago,i def need to get my back a bit bigger. This is a carb up day. Need to work on those legs now that the knee is better.


Had some really bad tendonitis so i havnt been able to train but here is a picture of my legs a few days ago. Could be alot better.


If you were applying for a fitness model shoot, these pics could be used… But I’m not entirely sure what the point of this post is…?

If you are looking for an honest assessment of your physique strength and weaknesses, less complimentary lighting and more revealing poses should be used.

Also perhaps you keep picking up these leg injuries because they are weak and fragile from not being trained much :wink:


I love doing fitness model shoots,just for you . I can take a picture of my balls if you want. You can tell me how much body fat i have on them…

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