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Eliteballa Is Back


Here are some new pics of me i know its been a while since ive been here. Just saying whats up to everyone

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These are the best i have ill update soon though with some better ones.


back picture.


wheres the shoe????


you really think im going to do something that stupid lol...Again?


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TNation's prodigal son....


Do you have any stats?



Wheeeelz bra..? And hold up a hubcap!


Hey, you look just like this guy!


Is this Myface or Spacebook?


click the picture you and you will see im really not all that small ive deffintly put on size from where i was before. My arms chest etc got alot bigger. Im just trying to show my progression. Yes it was funny while it lasted. Im now just making some convo and taking advise. Im 190 now i dont know what my body fat is not really important to me. I dont even train like a body builder normally. Since i started doing modeling and tv im now starting to do more body building type work. Just thought id drop a line since its been a while. Click the picture and open it up,and my arms are not as small as you think they are.


Whether you think your arms are hyoog or BBB thinks they are skinny is subjective.
When you object and argue it is blood in the water which you should know.
Take the feedback and be humble, you're not that great.


I agree im not i have work to do if i want huge biceps gigantic chest etc,but i dont want all that i just want a good strong build thats athletic and cut. I dont want to be some big body builder if i wanted that id be eating like crazy trying to gain more weight,then doing low intensity cardio..Have low fats etcs..but thats not me i just was showing you guys where im at right now. I do appreciate any advice i can get as well but i already know what i need to do if i want to change something.


do you have legs or do you need to carry all your shoes?


mate I think you want to look like Zyzz, well at least what he used to look like.


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well what id normally do if i want to be a beast springs squats dead lifts heavy lifting lots of carbs lots of good fats saturated and mono saturated. Interval training,doing negatives and then exploding up using alot of force with the concentric contraction.Im just making convo its been a while so im just checking in.


Yeah man, those good saturated fats


eggs coconut oil beef almonds walnuts alvacods olive the things we all need to be eating!