Elite numbers


Can you list some numbers elite athletes of various sports such as hockey, football, rugby, etc should try to achieve or must achieve to be successful?

Numbers for the following would be great.
bench press
power clean
vertical jump
or other performance that you think is important to achieve.

Yeah that?s cool, and also what they kinda started with would be big!

Hey, there’s a pretty good article on this over at www.elitefts.com, dave tate’s site, where he talks about this very subject. I looked around quickly but couldn’t find it, have a look…

I found an article by Tate where he refers to some numbers that an O-lineman should achieve and tells a story about a college gym where the totals they have their athletes shoot for is very low in his opinion.

I’ve read in other articcles what o-linemen should be lifting but I’ve never read anywhere what other positions in football and what athletes of other strength & power sports should lift.

Unfortunately, I think the general public would be very upset if they knew what kind of weights most pro athletes work out with in the gym. It’s not as much as you think. Now, although I feel that all athletes could be MUCH stronger, remember that pro athletes don’t wear bench shirts and squat suits that can add well over 100lbs. to a lift. And they also spend a lot of time working on speed & conditioning and the technical aspect of their sport. But the fact remains that ALL of them can be much sronger! Most professional strength & conditioning programs don’t do much to help the cause, either. I don’t know if the general public knows this but most pro strength coaches are so afraid of athletes getting injured in their weight room that they use bullshit, machine-based programs just to cover their asses. I could go on and on about this subject. It really pisses me off. Anyway, here are some of my football guys lifts that were recently performed during training sessions with me. Believe me, these are some of the hardest working/strongest guys in the NFL. These numbers aren’t inflated either!

Augie Hoffmann - Guard, Boston College, recently signed with New Orleons Saints

PARALLEL Box Squat - 620 lbs. with just a belt. (No knee wraps, squat suit, groove briefs, etc.)There’s no question that Augie can squat over 800 right now if he learned how to use powerlifting equipment. His legs are strong as shit.
Bench - 405 lbs. (This was after being stuck at 375 lbs for 2 years with his college strength coach.)
Vertical jump - 28"

Eric Downing - DT, Kansas City Chiefs
PARALLEL Box Squat - 600 lbs. - NO belt, no knee wraps, no squat suit.
Bench - 475 lbs.!
Vertical jump - 33 and-a-half inches

David Diehl - O-Line, NY Giants
PARALLEL BOX Squat - 500lbs. X 2 reps with just a belt - and he’s 6’06" tall!
Bench - 435 lbs.
Vertical jump - 31"

Dhani Jones, LB, Philadelphia Eagles
PARALLEL Box Squat - 505 lbs.
Bench - 415 lbs.
Vertical jump - 35"

Hopefully this gives you some insight on what the big dawgs are doing. Remember that these are ELITE football players, not elite powerlifters.

what would someone who parallel box squats 600, full squat.

how much carry over do you get from parallel box squats to full squats.