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Elite Lifter Programming


Then let it go without saying.

Truly, it is difficult for me to overstate the degree of contempt I have for people like you.

What you’re doing on this thread is EXACTLY the reason good lifters and people of some accomplishment in lifting are reticent to just discuss training openly. Because who wants to deal with someone like you?

If you have achieved anything of note as a lifter, start your own thread if you want to discuss your philosophies. I won’t read it or anything, I just wish you’d leave this guy’s alone.


Your contempt is absolutely irrelevant for me. I can write what I want if it’s rational. The criticism and serious mistakes of the training of autor this topic have already been written. The question is whether the author will not be stubborn.


It is becoming increasingly obvious that @gaelic simply knows better than the rest of us. His level of knowledge and expertise is unparalleled. Despite the fact that he neither squats nor deadlifts and has never competed in powerlifting, he will always be #1 in my book.


WTF are you even talking about?


How dare you question him!


Sorry, my BAD!


I understand what you are trying to sell. Prilepin, being a weight lifting coach, does not have any credibility with me in powerlifting. Coach Sheiko does. However, unless Coach Sheiko is willing to come here and train me under his supervision, I think the fact that we get by with such a simple program and continue making progress every year should be something held in respect. I also think you need to remember that countless world records have been set by Americans using a similar approach.

I’m sure that the programming you speak of can work. But why would I need an “intelligent” program when I and many others keep getting stronger doing what we do? We work from the basis of, “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

Stubborn? Serious mistakes? I don’t see the mistake. The numbers and evidence I gave you prove otherwise. You see programming. I see results. I see gains and growth.

You can have your opinion. You can call the template “dumb” if you want. I’m not offended. We will be on the platform June 2nd at USPF in WV. I’ll let you know how our sub optimal programming did.

PS - still didn’t answer my original question. What are your numbers again? Do you have a total?


He has a 141kg bench press, he doesn’t squat or deadlift and he has never competed.


HAHAHAHAHA…seriously? If he’s never competed, should he be posting here? LOL. I take it back…Prilepin has more credibility that Gaelic in powerlifting. :wink:


The guy sounds like a glorified “personal trainer” (babysitter and pin changer).


I am laughing at your primitivism. LOL The original debate was over the mistakes of this program, not about my performance.

Ok, do what you want. If you have results, there is no problem. I only mentioned that I don’t see the deeper logic and the greater difficulty of your program, nothing more. You should behave like a professional and argue in the context of the topic. However, as I have already mentioned, I didn’t mean it badly.

My PR on the conventional deadlift is 250 kg, my PR on the squat is 220 kg. These are good numbers when I am not a powerlifter… I have written about it many times. I don’t need to be a powerlifter. That’s below my level. The powerlifting has no respect in my country and generally it is a boring, unattractive sport in which you can’t never win more money. I see no reason to engage in a sport in which neither the future nor the prestige is (this is especially true for Central Europe).


Rational and irrational would seem exactly the same to you because nobody ever thinks they’re being irrational in the moment.


Then why do you post in a powerlifting forum?


Can you read?

Here isn’t only a powerlifting forum. Here are a lot of bodybuilders, crossfitters, and people who train strength training only for themselves, for their goals.


So let me get this straight. You think the program lacks logic and volume and you think those are mistakes. Yet you say if we have results there is no problem.

I find your logic lacking. The problem with you is you aren’t in the gym working. You’re on a computer reading what you think in your head is the best programming because it is elaborate with lots of data. It appeals to you intellectually.

Do us all a favor. Go put the work in on your programming for a year and report back to us how it went.


You should ask yourself the same question. In the thread pinned to the top of the list:


You have a problem with understanding the context. I wrote about errors in my perspective. I mentioned the facts that seem to me wrong. Someone else - in my view the mistakes - can evaluate it as a positive one. It’s probably a matter of opinion and a point of view.

This training process (yearly periodization) is in progress (I am at the end of the 10th week of the accumulation block). Of course, the evaluation of the results will be.

It is strange that many people here don’t know rationally accept a foreign opinions. I suppose I should be restrained.

However, I don’t want to create an unnecessary quarrel. Feel free to delete my posts in this topic if they are against the rules of the forum.


How is powerlifting “beneath your level”? Are you eurotrash royalty or something?

Oh and BTW, gym PR’s mean SHIT. They don’t count. The rest of us have actual meet results which high or low, place us above the level of those who perform shit lifts in gyms and think they’re lifters. You’re not a lifter - you are a gym bro.

Go start the commercial gym “forced 225lb bench reps” forum. You might get some traction there.


Your opinion does not bother me at all. You are free to think as you do concerning how we train. I won’t delete your opinion.

I do understand the context of what you believe are mistakes. I know foreign methods work also and have evidence to that from world records being set.

The reasoning for this entire thread was to share info from a man who is the #3 SHW single ply all time and current #2. We all train similarly at our gym with great results and very little injury.

I wish you luck on your programming and even more so that you get on a platform and show us how well you did.


Ok, do what you want. As I wrote, it was just a matter of view, nothing hostile… Irrelevant opinions about my person or about my periodization are also indifferent for me.