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Elite Knee Sleeves


I have the Elite Super Heavy Knee sleeves they are are grat sleeve. But after 6 weeks of wearing them they don't give me nearly as much as they did the first few times. They loosen up fast, I know the Blue Rehband's dont stretch. How much of a difference is there between the two sleeves. I got about 20 or 25 lbs out of the elite's anything close to that with the rehbands?


Honestly, if you want something that adds to your squat, you should be using wraps, not sleeves. Rely on sleeves for warmth and support primarily. I have the EFS Heavy Knee sleeves and they have stretched out a bit, but they still do their job by giving me lots of warmth and a good amount of knee support.


Trust me I love knee wraps but the USPA only allows sleeves, just have to be non fastening.


I'm assuming you are competing raw, since you are allowed to use knee wraps if you are competing in gear. Double check with someone from the USPA about the EFS sleeves. I know they have been banned from a few organizations for competitive use.


You get 20-25 pounds out of your EFS sleeves? I have the same pair and get virtually nothing. I also have rehbands and the difference in weight is negligible, although the EFS sleeves are a little tighter and my knees feel a little more supported in them.