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Elite FTS Videos!!!!!

Holy Shit!!!

Just got done watching the Bench hen the sqaut vidoes and DAMN I have to say these are the best training videos Ive seen and I would recomend them to anyone no matter the goals.

Then damn things are LONG and spare no detail either some true time invested and DAMN inspirational. I didnt count but each one had to be well over an hour and not only touched but went deep into EVERYTHING.

If I had to choose I would say the squat Vid was better, Mainly for the sheer passion it showed, the intensity. Much of that came from the ttraining clips the Old School Metallica etc (not that BS watered down CRAP of late)

Plus just the things these guys do. Many people scream Fat, when they see powerlifter. All the BS about relative strength. BS. I tell you what it was damn awesome seeing Dave T and another rather HUGE friggin mamal do a standing full extended ab wheel down and back up NO problem. That shits tuff at a low weight Those guys have to be pushing around the 300 range and made it look easy. That relative strength if ive seen it.

Anyway I just had to post after seeing them. I say get the damn things NOW if you can


i agree, although the videos i have are the vogephel(sp)XXX which is pretty damn motivational and the seminar package, which has got to be the most informative video i have seen, but it take a while to watch them all, very long but awesome stuff.