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Elite FTS Exercise Index Squat-Deadlift

I’m wondering if anyone has watched this new dvd from elitefts. How is it in your opinion, and does it contain a lot of new Squat/DL information w.r.t the seminar tapes? Thanks in advance for the help.

If you have less than a year of experience powerlifting and wish to continue (and no experienced training partners), you will benefit from the DVD. If you have been powerlifing for years and have been around the sport, you probably will only pick up tidbits. However, those tidbits might be all you need to increase your totals.

It spends a lot of time on details and on assistance exercises.

It’s worth buying.

I own several Louie Simmons tapes and they have been helpful. The most helpful tapes I own are the joe average tapes. Do a search on the internet and you’ll find you can get there templates and info for free.

Thanks for the help guys!