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Elite FTS Elbow Sleeves


Has anyone tried the EFS heavy or super heavy elbow sleeves? I'm thinking about getting a pair of one of them today before the sale is over at 2pm.

If anyone has the super heavys, do they add any weight to a lift/enough for it to not be considered raw?


They're not allowed in raw lifting. I've got a pair and for the record if you do order, order a size or two bigger. I ordered larges with 16.5 inch arms and barely managed to get them off, took me about 10 mins to do so.


My arms are 18" flexed, I got the xxxl and I need help getting them on.


Thanks guys. Have either of you noticed that the super heavys add any weight, or do they just help with joint warmth?


the super heavys should add some weight, I am assuming they are like their knee sleeves which I have. They too take me 15 minutes to put on and am going to need help now as I am tired of skinning my knuckles with them.

Go a size or two bigger than they say as was suggested by LM, I had to for my knee sleeves and are still tight as hell.

And no, they are not allowed.


Yeah definitely get at least one size bigger for elbows. The knee sizes are a little better and after you wear them a few times they should fit okay.

If you have some and they are too small, you can stretch them out by soaking them in water then place a bar though the sleeve. Hang it in a power rack. Take another bar and put it through the same sleeve to where it is free swinging beneath the other bar. Now hang/pull on the free swinging bar for about 30 seconds. Repeat hanging/pulling about 10 times it should break in the sleeve with a permanent stretch. If you don't have a power rack try a pull up bar or a bench press. If you don't have two barbells a solid pipe or something similar will work.


I have the regular heavies, they seem small, but like it was said before, after you wear them a few times they fit nice, still tight, but that's why your wearing them.


I have super heavy knees(xxl) and elbows(xxxl), and I cant leave them on between sets, cuts off circulation. If you just want warmth go with the heavies or just a basic neoprene sleeve.


Thanks a lot for the feedback everyone..Just ordered the regular heavies in XL. Hopefully I'm on my way to less shitty-feeling elbows.


a review would be nice
my elbows are clicky

will want sleeves soon