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ELITE FITNESS SYSTEMS - The worst service ever!!!

Sorry you had a bad experience. I’ve had nothing but great service from Dave. Just was at a seminar in Lebanon, Pa. he taught last weekend. I’ve had nothing but great luck and have had a high degree of professionalism in any business dealings. All my equipment, books, tapes etc. have arrived on time or app. when the backorder said. I’ve literally spent thousands with the company, not a feww books.

I’ve been to three seminars, ordered the tape sets, a few hundred dollars worth of books, box for squatting, power rack, glute ham , reverse hyper and more. I’d say i’ve dropped four or five grand total in five years with not a single problem.

Personally I know Dave and can attest to his professionalism. Call them and see if they can get it straightened out. I’m sure they’ll make good if they are in the wrong.