Elite Coach Abusing Bigger/Stronger section

For a while a new Elite Coach uses Bigger/Stronger section to spam up new topics with no discussion, no replies from anyone, just to post a link to his youtube.
There have been days when i get like 10 notifications with new discussions, just to check them all and see Mr.Shuck just spamming up a new topic for each of his 40 second videos.

A few members have expressed their toughts on possible fixes in this Mr.Shucks topic, in which i asked if there is a way to block him from spamming my notifications.

Since i dont know if any of admins will read that, i wanted to draw their attention here. Thanks.


I second the feedback provided above

It’s a lot of new topics which just to have a link to his videos and a link to his site but not much, if any, member engagement.

It would be bearable if he currently posted other content as well but it’s been a while that the Bigger/Stronger appears to have been used as a way to build his own following/ traffic to his content and website

This is not Tanner Shuck’s doing. We asked Tanner if we could use his short vids for the forum and YouTube and he agreed. (Same for Coach Thibs.) We’re posting these for Tanner because he had a hard time getting used to the forum. But I agree, our staff is pushing these out a little too often. I’ll chat with them.

EDIT: Taken care of. They’ll hit the pause button for a while and only post those occasionally.


I think I would mind a lot less if he would contribute to the conversations which follow his videos, but he hasn’t made a single reply since July 30, and has posted 60 ‘threads’ in that same span of time.

This isn’t YouTube Shorts, and it isn’t TikTok… I think it’s singularly beneficial for him as it drives up his view count, but at a detriment to the rest of the forum.

For scope, I never have any issues watching the CT shorts he posts, because they are infrequent.

I’m aware now that it isn’t his doing chris


You have three options for any user on here:


Click on the user name and use the drop down menu.

Or go to preferences…users

Nope, says “Sorry you cant ignore that user”.

Haha!! That is funny. Thanks for testing. I guess they won’t let you ignore the dudes with status.

Just tried it with a member coach. You are right and I was wrong.

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And to think I was waiting for my personalized response straight from the man himself. I was naive. Thanks for the info!!


Look at the mullet!


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