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Elite Body Builders and Steroids


I understand or under the impression that all of the top body builders are on some form of steriod or growth hormone. Correct? If so which form of steriod do they take, i have heard of deca and other simalar ones in the local gym. Was just wondering which ones the top pros take and what there monthly cost is? from what i understand it aint cheap.

Thanks Brownloaf

btw just curious, discussion between me and friend, and was wondering what they actually take.


Most of them take this stuff you can get off the shelves in most pharmacies.. I think its called Women's One a Day. They take those and lots of fiber one bars so they dont get the poots.





Yeah, that's pretty much it.

So wtf is up with all these trolls/one posts lately? Anybody?


im not sure, but im going to think about it while I stare at your avatar


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