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Elimination Diet?

Does anyone have a link to the elimination diet? or a overcast of what it involves in terms of eating? I’m going to go for it for around 4 weeks

Thanks ya’ll

So, you have no idea of any of the details of this diet, but you’re dead set on following it for a month? What if I told you the key to this diet is 3 feedings a day of one cup live cockroaches dipped in my cat’s diarrhea? I mean what the hell man? Google it or something.


man oh man oh man WTF . its for finding what food is causing you problems . do you have an food related problems ?

Sorry guys, first off i meant that i was going to think about following it… but i didnt type that part, my bad dread. I saw it on an article in here and it said u could download it free but i couldnt find the link. And lia, i kept finding stuff like that when i looked it up on google, but when i read about it in a nutritional article on this site i thought it was something different… sorry for the confusion guys. nevermind about this diet