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Elimination Diet and Catabolism


For Coach Thibs or anyone that can give me some advice,
I've had a recent bout of digestive problems ranging from mild discomfort to severe pain. I'm lactose intolerant and have a family history of celiac disease (which I'm being tested for soon). Like many people here, I eat large amounts of eggs, oats, and meats. In the past 2-3 days I've been in such pain that all I've been able to stomach is very refined grain sources in small amounts.

I'm avoiding egg, wheat, oat, and dairy. I'm obviously very concerned about the muscle wasting effects of such a diet but am incapable of eating my regular protein amount. Is there anything I can do/eat that will make this experience less destructive? I feel like all my hard work is going to waste.



How do fruits and vege effect you?


Have you tried supplementing with probiotics? Sometimes that can help alleviate gastrointestinal problems.


Stop eating all grains, even refined ones.

Lamb, chicken and rice are what you should be eating. Throw in some super food (if you can tolerate it), flame out, and some fiber source that does not promote gas (Citrucell I think is what I have). You’ve probably got a pretty weak stomach lining and unhealthy intestinal tract due to your intollerances/allergies.

IMO Do not take a probiotic right away until to give your body time to readjust

In addition to eliminated all grains, also eliminate all legumes (peanuts and beans), nuts (unless you soak them), seeds, all non-fermented dairy (and regular yogurt does not count), and sugar. Eliminate all veggies for a few weeks so that you can ensure you have a cleaned out system so that you can begin your gut restoration. Eat fermented vegatable products like saurkraut (not canned - must be the refrigerated stuff from stores like whole foods), kefir (no sugar added), kambucha (aweful tasting), kimchi from your local korean restaruant or asian food store (the kimchi at the regular market is terrible tasting).

Stay away from beer. Try not to drink period, but if you must drink, go for hard stuff like vodka and mix it with soda (sugar free).

After two weeks or so I’d try to eat easy to digest fruits like bananas, apples, watermellon, etc.

You can also make your own fermented veggies with a starter kit like this: http://www.wildernessfamilynaturals.com/vegetable_culture_starter.htm


explain the symptoms of gastrointestinal problems.


My symptoms were primarily gas, bloating and central abdominal pain/cramping. After a week of eating almost nothing I’ve reintroduced foods to my diet. I’ve determined that I have some form of intolerance to oats/oatmeal possibly from eating an obscene amount of oats over the past year? :-/ Having cut oats/wheat from my diet I’m doing a little better but still have some symptoms of gas/bloating sporadically. I don’t drink and I don’t really eat pure sugar but I do eat fruits and vegetables. Why should I specifically eliminate each of these things as well?

It makes it particularly difficult to get necessary calories without eating:
-dairy is already eliminated as I’m lactose intolerant