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Eliminated Sugar


I eliminated ALL added sugar, increased protein and fat. The results over the past 6 weeks are very positive. Lost about 8 pounds of fat. Went from a 4 pack to 6 pack, with no loss of muscularity. A good portion of the protein come from Whey isolates and Casein. Macros are: Carbs - 25%, Fat - 35%, Protein - 40%, Fiber-30g, Sugar - 40g.The sugar is from food, fruit, yogurt, etc. , no nut butters, honey, agave, splenda, maple syrup, etc.

Here’s my question. What would be a reasonable maximum target for total sugar? should I consider adding some nut butters, etc.?


If you eat the right nut butters they have no sugar in them. Smuckers PB is awesome.

Watch out for demonizing a particular food though. If you’re not eating junk that’s great. But some honey in your tea isn’t going to kill all your progress. If your calories are in check.

You ask for a “top end” on sugar. No such thing. I’ve seen people cut on 50% carbs with some of those coming from pop tarts. Everyone reacts differently.


Thanks for the nut butter suggestion. I will check it out.