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Eligibility for TRT

I am 29 yo and my total test is 389 ng/dl, free test is 12 ng/dl. I eat great and exercise regularly. Does this make me eligible for TRT. Much thanks in advance.

It would seem you are eligible, but you’re going to want to investigate potential causes for your condition before starting a therapy that will last the rest of your life. The top 7 Threads on this forum are all stickies and contain very important information. They contain a lot of information that can help you on your way.

The important one for you right now is “Lab Work, Blood Testing and Symptoms”. It details what tests you should look into getting done to figure out why you have the testosterone issues you have, and what you can do about it. It’s not always as simple as “I have low T, so I need TRT”. There could be Thyroid, Pituitary, Testicle problems, etc. that could be causing your numbers. It would be imprudent to start TRT based solely on FT and TT numbers - there’s just too much that could be going on!

Read the Sticky, “Prototype - Advice for New Guys”. It will let you know how we communicate here on this forum, and what we need to know about you in order to help ya. Since this is a complex topic and we have new people around every day, it’s important that you know what we are going to need to know in order to prevent a bunch of questions that could have been answered by just reading through the Stickies.

Good Luck!

I agree with what the previous poster said.

Based on those two numbers alone, you are probably eligible, but TRT is a last resort in my option and you want to exhaust every other option before committing to what is probably a treatment for life.

You also risk starting TRT, when there can be some other cause that are surpressing your testosterone levels.

Hemachromatosis for example may surpress your testosterone levels. Get extensive bloodwork.

Consider trying some natural herbs first. A lot of guys have success with these. I didn`t.

Are there any things you can do with regards to your mental health? Stress? This can also affect your testosterone levels greatly.


Johan Nes