Elevating Heels w/ Squats?

Just as the title says. I started using a pair of 10 lb plates yesterday to elevate my heels for front squats. While doing this, I’ve noticed an immediate improvement on my form while elevating my heels, no forward lean, no rounded back or anything; I could feel my legs getting most of the workout and less of my back being used. Is this a good idea in the long run?? I’ve been thinking of dropping it to 5 lb plates after 4 weeks, then to 2.5 lb plates after another 4 weeks. I think if I do it this way, eventually I’ll be able to perform a perfect squat below parallel, without the use of plates. Also I think it’ll strengthen my legs alot more. What do you guys think??

Olympic lifting shoes have heals that are over an inch. Those guys they don’t seem to have a problem moving big bunches of weight or leg development. If elevated heals help you do it go for it. I would recommend the lifting shoes though.

I got a coach and started really working on the snatch and C&J about 3 months ago. First competition coming up in May. Got the shoes couple of weeks ago and they are a big help and it is mostly because of the heals.

The major problem with elevated heels, is that your going to be using less of you hamstrings and glutes, which are the muscles you want to be taking over. I always tell everyone push through your heels. Other than that, it would be a great way to work your quads, but most people are already quad dominant