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Elevated Trap Bar Lifts for Quads on DC?


Anyone ever try using the trap bar for quad work on DC? I've experimented with high rep trap bar lifts in the past, and they've really hammered my quads, and I thought they might work for the program. Thoughts?


Interesting idea...

I would probably not lock out and just keep the tension on the quads at the beginning of the lift..especially since yo uare increasing the rom...


Yeah, I was thinking I'd go straps and touch and go for the sake of time under tension.

Also, you understood perfectly, but for the sake of others, by elevated I mean that I'll stand on an elevated platform, rather than the trap bar itself will be elevatged.

I think it will just serve as a nice break from spinal loading of various squats.


I never tried them out but for the high rep set in DC I'd say they would be easier to reset after each rep.Must give them a try!


Yeah, I actually experimented with one massive drop set in the past where I would keep the weight the same but keep reducing the ROM by lowering the platform I was standing on, and that was pretty intense, but I didn't know if anyone had ever implemented them specifically within this program.

I'll have to give it a go and see.


yep, I used my homemade trap for Rest pause training beacuse I don't have a rack,she really hammers the quads&ass,more gently on the back respect to a back squat (anyway lower back is worked nicely)btw not elevated trap as my disks are not olympics (smaller diameter) and I get my legs at 90° at end position.



Most excellent, thanks man.


For anyone curious, here is what a set of these ended up looking like.

Missed the third rep, but otherwise it works well. I'm treating it like the leg press, and hit a second set afterwards, which is total murder. The straps help with keeping tension, as does the touch and go.


If it works for you, why not ? I'm pretty sure DC doesn't have a select list of exercises you must follow.
And most leg work is not rest-paused on DC ( for safety reasons, although people are doing it anyway ), so if you fell you can rep out a solid amount of weight and get a good quad work there, then do it.

I'd throw in some heavy squat sets and a Widowmaker just to be sure.


Yeah, like I just posted, I'm doing well with them. My other movements are safety squat bar squats and SSB box squats.


Seem you have everything covered then. Keep it up.


From the vid, it doesn't look like any sort of acceptable depth is being hit.

I'm a strong proponent of ATG, and if you're not going ATG, then you're simply not squatting (exception being power-lifting/Olympic lifting)...

...you might think you're getting a good quad workout, but I doubt that's what's occurring physiologically.


Err...this isn't a squat dude. It's a trap bar lift.

So yes, you are correct, I am not squatting, as I am not going ATG, but that is not the only reason I am not squatting.


/derail. where have you guys found the best resources for DC info by the way?/


I originally started with the t-muscle article on "How to gain 50lbs of muscle in 12 months" or some such title, and then started reading Dante's work on his board. I just didn't have enough posts over there to start my own thread, and rather than just post whore to ask a question I thought I would post here where quite a few folks follow it.


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