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Elevated Transcortin/Cortisol Binding Globulin

Is there any steroid that competes for this binding globulin? Mine is elevated so my free cortisol is always low even on cortisol replacement and I want to know how to lower or disengage this binding globulin. Thanks.

You can be a lab rat and get some OTC [2%] progesterone cream and see what that does.

I think I have this. Free cortisol is low all the time blood is high. Do you have high e1,e2,e3 or progesterone? When did this start? What are your sumptoms. Please reply back.

Yes my E1 is constantly literally like 10 times the top of the reference range. Transcortin showed up elevated above the reference range on a blood test. This means free cortisol is tanked. I believe a SERM may be influencing this. Arimidex did nothing for my high e1. e2 was suppressed by it and e3 was 0.

I am not sure I can help but would like to talk to you. Can you check your PMS?

You never sent me a pm. Lol