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Elevated Test and Arimidex Monotherapy


Hello, I have a question about my hormones. I am 37yrs old and have an elevated Testosterone Level of 1161 ng/dL Range 250-1100 & Free Test 241.5 Range 35 -155 pg/mL. My E2 levels are 12 pg/mL and Estrone <10. I am just on Arimidex @ 1mg/day when I can remember to take it. My question is should I lower the Arimidex.

When I took 1mg 2-3x a week my E2 stayed high around 48 pg/mL. Now I have high Free DHT and I am loosing my damn hair. My doc wanted to block the DHT, which I believe will increase T even further. The only side effects of T is oily skin and flushing I think. Is there any long Term issues with constant High T? I am also on Thyroid meds too, Naturethyroid @ 2 Grains and 100mcg synthoid


1mg of human grade adex a day is quite a bit, you could lower it yes.

your testosterone is not THAT high, but what does your blood pressure look like?


Besides balding there's enlargement of the prostate.

DHT binds to the follicles in your head causing inflammation and that in turn starves your hair of oxygen. DHT can also enlarge the prostate. Frequent need to urinate is not a fun way to spend your night.


Thanks, My Blood Pressure is good. 120-130 over 65-80. After reducing to 3-4mg/week, when should I Retest? Isnt the Free Test that is over range a concern? My ShBG is midpoint of the scale.


Please read the advice for new guys sticky. There are comments re DHT reducing drugs - ignore at your peril.

When E2 is abnormally high, liver function is suspect. see that sticky, post info and labs.